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Francine Garcia Before Surgery: The Transgender Journey Photos

Francine Garcia has been the point of interest among transgender communities, and as such, many are wondering about her look before surgery. Find out more further in the article.

Francine Garcia, born in the Philippines on December 4, 1994, gained fame for her role as Kim Chiu.

As an actress, she has played in the TV series The Half Sisters, Barumbadings, and Sex Games.

But perhaps Francine gained the most fame by becoming the winner of the Super Sireyna, a beauty pageant held for trans women, in 2013.

She competed as Super Sireyna on the former variety show Eat Bulaga segment, where she was introduced to the audience as Eat Bulaga Super Sireyna.

So, many have become curious about what the Super Sireyna winner Francine Garcia was like before her surgery.

Francine Garcia Before Surgery: The Transgender Journey Photos

It’s well-known that Francine Garcia is a transgender woman.

She was a male before the surgery to gradually transition into the woman she wanted to be.

However, there is not much information and photos regarding Francine Garcia before her surgery.

She also hasn’t disclosed the place where she underwent surgery or the duration of her transition to the public.

Francine Garcia making a food
Francine Garcia won the Super Sireyna title in 2013 (Source: Instagram)

As per the Mayo Clinic, generally, transitioning can vary in duration, ranging from several months to several years.

How long it takes depends on factors like a person’s age and the specific medical procedures they decide to undergo as part of their transition.

Meanwhile, transitioning from male to female is a unique experience for each person.

For those who understand their transgender identity from a young age, the initial medical step might involve hormone therapy to delay the onset of puberty.

Then there’s the process of gender-affirming surgery that can help a transgender woman achieve a more feminine appearance.

These surgeries include cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation, removal of male genitalia, and creation of a vagina surgically.

The choice of surgery depends on each individual’s preferences and comfort.

Francine Garcia posing with a smile
Francine Garcia still resembled the boy look in her early days before becoming a diva. (Source: Instagram)

So, based on those assumptions, Francine Garcia’s transition might have taken around several months at least for a complete transition.

Moving on, there are also no images of Francine Garcia available before her surgery.

So, there’s no way to compare the before and after images. Although some pictures are available on the internet, it’s unsure if they’re accurate.

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Francine Garcia’s Story And Her Transition As A Transgender

In the award-winning Philippine drama TV series Magpakailanman, one of the episodes exclusively depicted Francine Garcia’s life and journey to becoming a transgender woman.

As per the story, Francine Garcia grew up in a family that faced many problems and dealt with bullying because of her sexuality.

But she didn’t let these difficulties define her.

Francine Garcia in yellow bikini
Francine Garcia was bullied for her sexuality (Source: Instagram)

With the support from her mother and brother, she learned to tackle life’s most challenging hurdles head-on.

Francine had a dream, a passion for beauty pageants, and she wouldn’t let anything stand in her way.

This dream motivated her to participate in gay beauty contests, where she could express her true self.

She knew that achieving her vision of becoming a woman wouldn’t be easy, but she determinedly pursued her goal.

Through sheer determination and hard work, Francine went on a journey of transitioning into the woman she wanted to be.

Then her efforts paid off when she was crowned Super Sireyna: Queen of the Queens on ‘Eat Bulaga.’

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