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Frank Fritz Wikipedia: American Pickers Cast Is Alive And Healthy

The main character of The American Pickers, Frank Fritz, is back in the limelight after his recent appearance. Now, the fans and followers of Frank Fritz have shifted their attention towards his Wikipedia page.

Frank Fritz is a prominent American TV personality best known for appearing in the beloved American Pickers series.

He is widely recognized for his distinctive personality and expertise in collecting and restoring antiques.

He also owns an antique store in Savana, Illinois, named Frank Fritz Finds.

However, after suffering a stroke in 2022, the recent appearance of Frank Fritz has left fans with many questions and has led them to search for his Wikipedia for further details.

Frank Fritz Wikipedia: Who Is The American Pickers Star?

Despite being a well-recognized TV personality, Frank Fritz doesn’t have a well-dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, the following article aims to provide all the information found in Wikipedia.

Born on October 11, 1965, in Davenport, Iowa, Frank Fritz is the son of Bill Fritz (father) and Susan Zirbes (mother).

Raised in a middle-class household, Frank’s mother used to work as a nanny, and his father worked in a pharmacy.

Growing up with his sister, Frank loved collecting rocks, beer cans, and postage stamps since childhood.

Frank Fritz captured near the shooting camera.
Frank had a troubled childhood following his parent’s divorce. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, this helped him gain experience in the collection before becoming an expert antique collector.

However, further information about his parents is not widely available, but his father reportedly left Susan to have an affair with an unknown woman.

Following the divorce, Frank’s mother married another man named Richard Zirber the same year.

Frank’s stepfather, Richard, was a tire salesman for a local trip shop, whereas his mother became a worker for a well-reputed local construction company.

Unfortunately, on December 17, 2003, Frank’s mother, Susan, passed away due to an undisclosed cause.

Furthermore, regarding his education, Frank graduated from Bettendorf High School in Bettendorf, Iowa, in 1982.

After completing high school, he attended the Sudlow Intermediate School and dropped out before college.

Nevertheless, Frank’s early years taught him the importance of hard work as he faced different challenges.

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Death And Obituary Rumors Of Frank Fritz’s

The American TV star, Frank Fritz, suffered a stroke at his home in Iowa in July 2022 and was found by his friend on the floor.

Following the news, many started circulating fake rumors of his death and obituary online, causing chaos among his fans.

However, the rumors of Frank’s death turned out to be false after his father reported he was in stable condition.

Frank Fritz captured along with his friends.
Frank Fritz had paralysis, making him unable to walk after the stroke. (Source: Facebook)

Moving on, these rumors further caught fire after Frank decided to live a private life and chose not to share anything related to his health condition.

Meanwhile, according to some sources, in November 2023, he was also spotted enjoying meals with a few of his close mates at Iron Horse Social Club.

He was seen in a wheelchair, smiling and enjoying the time with his close ones.

It seems he is in the same condition and has not publicly appeared since then.

And let’s hope he will soon recover and continue to share his passion for antique collection again.

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Details On The Career And Net Worth Of Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz was a safety and fire inspector for the first few years before becoming a full-time antique businessman.

Eventually, his passion for antiques led him to co-found an antique business, Antique Archeology, in Le Clair, Iowa, along with his partner Mike Wolfe.

The duo traveled across the United States, acquiring, restoring, and selling antiques and vintage items.

Frank Fritz captured in front of a fist statue.
Frank is currently living a private life and stopped sharing about his life since the stroke. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, in 2010, Frank Fritz received a lifetime opportunity to host the History Channel’s show American Pickers, which is noteworthy in his Wikipedia.

This opportunity became the turning point in his life as he quickly gained prominent attention for his work.

Moreover, the duo published a book titled How to Pick Vintage Motorcycles and created a website called Youngsters Pickers.

Unfortunately, the partnership ended in 2021 due to some differences between Frank and Mike.

Nevertheless, fans will continue to cherish the contribution of Frank Fritz until his return, and let’s hope to see a well-dedicated Wikipedia page of him shortly.

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