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Graham Chase Robinson Wikipedia Age: How Old Is Robert De Niro Ex-Assistant?

Graham Chase Robinson is the ex-assistant to  Robert De Niro, and she has been making headlines for a very shocking reason. Let’s learn about Graham Chase Robinson Wikipedia and the controversy in detail.

Graham Chase Robinson, apart from being the former assistant to Robert De Niro, is also an actress.

In fact, she is so good at acting that she has won one of the prestigious Oscar awards.

She has acted in famous movies like The Comedian, Silver Linings Playbook, Killer Elite, and Limitless.

Recently, Graham Chase Robinson Wikipedia has been in the news for other reasons; her fallout with her former boss, Robert De Niro. 

Graham Chase Robinson Wikipedia: A Career at Canal Productions & $12 Million Lawsuit

Graham, before being the assistant to Robert De Niro, has had a long career history at Canal Productions.

Actually, she held the position of the president of production and finance at the company for more than 11 years, from 2009 to 2019.

Graham Chase Robert De Niro
Graham’s claims against Robert are shocking to many veteran actor fans. (Source: Twitter)

She later came out in the media with the allegation that she was ‘forced to resign’ from the company in April 2019.

The accusations were especially against Robert De Niro himself, which led to a lawsuit of a shocking $12 million.

In the lawsuit, Graham, now 37, alleged gender discrimination and violations in wages.

This lawsuit fiasco portrayed Robert as a very abusive boss, shocking many fans.

To be more specific in the lawsuit, Graham mentions that Robert would leave threatening messages to her.

According to her, he would often call her derogatory names and also usually make sexual comments.

She also adds that during her time at Canal Productions, she often faced unwanted touch and inappropriate comments.

Robert De Niro allegedly treated Graham as his ‘work wife.’

Graham Chase Robinson Wikipedia
Graham’s decision to come forward with a lawsuit is filled with curiosity. (Source: Twitter)

She also accuses Robert of making her do mainly ‘stereotypical female duties’ while still underpaying her.

To add to the scrutiny, Robert also allegedly urinated during calls with her and often greeted her wearing very few clothes.

One revelation from her that shocked the fans the most is that Robert also allegedly did nothing when one of his friends inappropriately slapped Graham’s buttocks.

Graham’s Disturbing Claims: Robert De Niro’s Threats & Legal Battle

The accusations do not stop here. According to Graham, Robert also made jokes about his Viagra prescription in front of her.

She says that he told her that she might possibly be pregnant by using her married co-worker’s sperm.

These things made it hard for Graham to work and affected her emotional well-being.

It finally got to a point where Graham decided to leave the job on her own.

However, Garham claims that Robert did not let her do that and went on to threaten her even more.

Graham Chase
Many are also accusing Graham of making up lies. (Source: Twitter)

The threats this time were that, if she decides to leave, he will leave negative recommendations for her.

This finally led Graham to take serious action against Robert De Niro.

Interestingly, Robert De Niro’s company Canal Productions, in response to her lawsuit, sued her for $3 million.

The lawsuit from the company suggests that Graham allegedly, in four days, watched 55 episodes of the series Friends.

According to the company, she also used the company card for her expenses.

Additionally, Robert’s lawyer also made a statement about Graham’s allegations, calling them ‘beyond absurd.’

Whichever way the case is going to turn, it will add a very permanent mark on Graham Chase Robinson Wikipedia.

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