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Hananya Naftali Wikipedia And Socials With The Deleted Tweets

The rise of social media star and pro-Isreal influencer Hananya Naftali has sparked curiosity among many about his Wikipedia.

Hananya Naftali is a prominent influencer on multiple social media platforms.

Through his channels, Naftali speaks out against anti-semitism and other threats that Jews face.

Further, Naftali’s rise as a public figure began in 2014 during Isreal’s Operation Protective Edge.

Moreover, he was among 300,000 others whom Israel drafted to fight in the war.

Later, Naftali started telling stories about the Israel-Palestine conflict from his perspective.

Recently, he has been caught in an online frenzy, and netizens are curious about the Wikipedia of Hananya Naftali.

Hananya Naftali: Wikipedia And Socials

Despite being a well-known public figure, Hananya Naftali does not have a Wikipedia page yet.

However, his socials provide ample information about the pro-Isreal influencer.

Hananya Naftali was born in 1995 in Safed to parents who were refugees from the former Soviet Union.

His family immigrated to Israel in the early 1990s with the help of the Jewish Agency in Hungary.

Hananya Naftali wearing glasses
Hananya Naftali serves in the Israel Defence Force. (Source: Facebook)

Although he does not have a Wikipedia, reports state that Hananya Naftali has two older brothers and a younger sister.

Further, Naftali graduated high school from Kadoorie Agricultural High School.

Later, he started posting through his social media, gaining attention worldwide.

Similarly, he was the former digital media officer of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Moreover, Naftali has been drafted into the Isreal Defence Forces to fight for his country.

Naftali giving a speech
Naftali advocates against threats that Jews face on a daily basis. (Source: Facebook)

With over 359k followers, Naftali remains a verified user on Twitter as a media personality.

Along with that, he has garnered more than 291k subscribers on YouTube.

Likewise, one of his most popular videos on Facebook is How to Really Boycott Israel.

Further, he has used his platform to discuss various aspects of the ongoing conflict and to advocate for Middle East peace.

As a media person, Hananya Naftali has developed a solid presence in the public eye, drawing attention to his Wikipedia.

However, his recent statements have given way to much discourse online.

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What Was The Deleted Tweets Of Hananya Naftali? The Israeli Activist Controversy

Hananya Naftali is facing a significant backlash online due to his recent activity.

As he posted and immediately deleted a post on Twitter, many are calling him out.

The post claimed that the Israeli Air Force had targeted a Hamas terrorist base inside a hospital in Gaza.

Hananya Naftali tweets
Hananya is facing backlash for spreading false news. (Source: Twitter)

Further, the post stated the death of multiple terrorists in the attack.

However, it was deleted, and Naftali tweeted a video showing a mysterious explosion in Gaza.

Naftali captioned the latter post as,

Hamas blames Israel. I believe it is either a failed rocket or something done to get international support.

Further, Naftali also posted a video caught on live camera moments before the launched attack.

However, the quick change in the narrative of the situation made people suspicious of the truth.

Moreover, Naftali acknowledged his mistake in sharing information from a Reuters report.

He intended to highlight Hamas’ alleged practice of storing weapons in hospitals.

Hananya apologizes on Twitter
Hananya Naftali faced backlash following an apology tweet. (Source: Twitter)

However, netizens expressed their displeasure with the actions of the pro-Israeli influencer.

Further, many claim that Naftali is a one-sided activist with biased information.

Others blamed the influencer for misleading the public with wrong claims and news.

Similarly, people are questioning Naftali’s other claims during this time of uncertainty.

In addition, this incident also portrays the complex nature of news circulation during a time of conflict.

As inaccurate reports regarding the crisis flood social media, it becomes difficult to learn the full story.

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