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Where Is Mohammed Hijab From? Ethnicity And Nationality

Mohammed Hijab is a British Muslim scholar who rigorously navigates the world of Islamic disclosure. And people are keen to learn where Mohammed Hijab is from and his ethnicity.

Mohammed Hijab is a British Muslim public speaker, debater, author, and co-founder of Sapience Institute.

He is famous for his debates and discussions with prominent figures from various religious and philosophical backgrounds.

Further, he is the author of the book The Burhan, which presents a comprehensive case for the truth of Islam.

Hijab has a diverse academic background in various humanities and Islamic sciences fields.

Moreover, he completed his BA in Politics from Queen Mary University of London in 2013.

He is completing his PhD in Philosophy of Religion from the University of Birmingham. He is also studying BA in Islamic Sciences from Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Hijab has also studied classical Islamic texts and disciplines with scholars and teachers.

He has memorized the entire Quran and studied Arabic grammar, hadith, fiqh, aqeedah, tafsir, and usul.

Mohammed Hijab’s views on the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine have people wondering where he is from.

Where Is Mohammed Hijab From? Ethnicity And Nationality

The question on everyone’s mind now is where Mohammed Hijab is from.

Mohammed Hijab was born on February 2, 1992, in Westminster, London, England.

His parents are devout Muslims who follow the Sunni Hanbali school of thought and raise their children with Islamic values.

Hijab’s education and career have also been primarily based in the UK.

He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at various universities in London.

His nationality is British, and he has spent most of his life in the United Kingdom, where he pursued his education.

Mohammd Hijab taking a picture while receiving an award
Mohammed Hijab worked as a tutor and freelancer. (Source: Instagram)

Regarding ethnicity, Hijab is of Egyptian descent, and his family hails from Alexandria, Egypt.

Although born and raised in the UK, Hijab has maintained strong ties to his Egyptian heritage.

This is reflected in his studies at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, one of the world’s oldest and most respected Islamic institutions.

So, while Mohammed Hijab’s nationality is British, his ethnicity is Egyptian.

Meanwhile, despite his international education and career, Hijab’s identity is firmly rooted in his British and Egyptian backgrounds.

His work as a public speaker, debater, author, and co-founder of Sapience Institute reflects this dual identity.

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What Happened On The Piers Morgan Show?

Mohammed Hijab recently had a heated interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV. The discussion revolved around the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The debate began with Hijab questioning why Morgan had described him as a “controversial pro-Palestine influencer.”

Once Morgan corrected himself, they began discussing the actions of the IDF and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The conversation escalated when Hijab asked Morgan about his stance on the IDF’s actions.

Morgan tried to provide context, referring to his previous statements, notably the Hamas attack on October 7.

Mohammed Hijab's interview on the Piers Morgan show led to viewers query of where is he from
Mohammed Hijab was a trainee teacher at Harris Academy Rainham before his termination.

Hijab pressed on, highlighting the frequency of such incidents and questioning Morgan’s apparent dismissal of their regularity.

Hijab condemned the actions of Hamas. Then demanded a similar concession from Morgan regarding Israeli actions that resulted in the deaths of children in Gaza.

When Morgan stated his opinion in one intense segment, Hijab said, “You are stuttering.”

Morgan replied: “I’m not stuttering.” Hijab fired back: “You are stuttering.”

Hijab asserted that such actions were morally unacceptable and equated to war crimes.

Further, he questioned the morality of killing children and, additionally, as a means of defense.

In the wake of the interview, Morgan took to X (formerly Twitter) to further elaborate on his stance. 

He reiterated his support for Israel’s right to self-defense, referencing the initial Hamas attacks.

Morgan then drew attention to his consistent anti-violence advocacy, including his opposition to the Iraq War.

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