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Who Is Harmony Montgomery: Wikipedia Cover Mother & Case trial

The horrifying case of Harmony Montgomery came to a rest, prompting netizens to look for her Wikipedia in hopes of learning more about her troubled family background.

Harmony Montgomery was last seen alive in late 2019, leading to an elaborate investigation and trials.

The case is disturbing to the core, as her father, Adam Montgomery, was responsible for her murder and tampering with the evidence.

Further, Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, details the Montgomery household, which was deemed a toxic environment for any child.

Soon after her daughter’s disappearance, she filed a missing child report.

But the authorities took their time in the investigation.

Ony after two years, pieces of evidence began appearing in clear sight, causing nationwide news coverage.

Now, as the jury rests the case of Harmony Montgomery, people look for her Wikipedia to learn more about the incident.

Who Is Harmony Montgomery: Wikipedia Of Five-Year Victim Murdered By Father

Despite wide reporting and analysis of the case, Harmony Montgomery hasn’t earned an official Wikipedia page yet.

So, we bring you details about the child’s life, which gives a deeper insight into her tragic death.

Harmony Montgomery, born in June 2014, was raised in an unstable household as she was removed from her mother’s care several times.

Harmony Montgomery wearing a white dress
Harmony had a disability affecting her eyesight. (Source: Twitter)

Further, her father was in prison while she was welcomed into the world, adding more problems to the family.

By age four, Harmony had lived in numerous foster houses before the court granted custody to her father.

Later, her mother, Crystal Sorey, fell into drug addiction, which led to a series of legal actions from Child Services.

Harmony moved to New Hampshire to live with her father while her mother was in Massachusetts.

However, things took an unfortunate turn when police officials last saw the child in her father’s home.

Moreover, Harmony was under the care of her stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, and her two sons.

Harmony Montgomery smiling
Harmony’s father made her clean the bathroom with her toothbrush. (Source: Twitter)

On the other hand, Harmony’s biological mother, Crystal Sorey, stated that she couldn’t contact her daughter after a brief video call in 2019.

Soon, investigations revealed that Adam Montgomery was allegedly abusive toward his daughter, as she often punished her.

Even after filing a missing report, Harmony’s stepmother obtained $1.5k meant for the child’s food support.

Such actions led to the authorities’ questioning, revealing a shocking portion of the story.

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Charges For Murder: Mother Crystal Sorey Provides Statement During Harmony Case Trial

In 2019, Harmony’s father and his current wife were both charged and arrested on counts of missing a child.

Furthermore, authorities didn’t investigate the case until October 2022, when the attorney announced new murder charges.

As the story hit media outlets, people looked for a Wikipedia page on Harmony Montgomery to understand the case better.

Harmony Montgomery with her mother
Harmony had to move around foster homes from a young age. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, court documents revealed how Adam repeatedly punched the seven-year-old a day before her death.

During that time, the family lived in their car after authorities evicted them from their home that November.

Additionally, Kayla revealed that she and her husband were under the influence of fentanyl when they found Harmony unresponsive.

Shortly after the discovery, Adam put the body in a duffle bag while the family moved into a shelter house.

Days later, they loaded the body inside a vent shaft in the ceiling of their room before receiving smell complaints from neighbors.

Likewise, Adam shifted the body into a smaller bag after dismembering the corpse and disposed of it in 2020.

After Harmony Montgomery’s biological mother made constant complaints, authorities reopened the case.

Harmony wearing a pink top
Harmony’s mother conducted a vigil in her memory. (Source: Twitter)

This time around, authorities charged her father with second-degree murder, including counts of domestic abuse.

Moreover, Harmony’s mother was present at court hearings to provide statements on the years her daughter went missing.

Nevertheless, let’s hope such a tragic incident about Harmony Montgomery will have a feature on the Wikipedia page.

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