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Where Is Kevin Franke Now? Post His Wife Ruby Franke Sentence

After the sentence for child abuse was handed down to Ruby Franke, Kevin Franke, her husband, is back in the limelight, and now people are curious about his current circumstances.

Kevin Franke, husband of Ruby Franke, known for their YouTube channel 8 Passengers, is now focused on caring for their children.

Ruby’s imprisonment for child abuse in February 2024, with a sentence of up to 60 years, has prompted Kevin to take on his responsibility.

They are navigating the complexities of their family issues with the assistance of legal counsel.

More than the rest, his attention is on the children’s welfare and recovery following the tumultuous disaster they had gone through.

As a result, many are concerned about where and how the estranged husband of Ruby Franke, Kevin, is living now after filing for divorce.

Where Is Kevin Franke Now? Post His Wife Ruby Franke’s Sentence

The whereabouts of Kevin Franke remains unknown as he has never appeared in public since the incident.

Since his wife, Ruby Franke, was sentenced, Kevin has now remained away from the limelight.

Despite Ruby Franke’s fame owing to their channel, 8 Passengers, Kevin, the estranged husband, has largely taken over a private life.

Kevin Franke in hoddie
Kevin is an American civil and environmental engineer. (Source: Instagram)

Further, this occurred after the estranged husband and the channel received legal proceedings.

On February 20, 2024, Kevin received news of his former wife Ruby’s four-to-sixty year’s child abuse conviction.

He has been missing since the event, and there is no public information about where Kevin is.

At the same time, he requested that the judge put Ruby behind bars for the longest possible period.

Officers are investigating the serious allegations against Ruby and her partner, Jodi Hildebrandt.

However, the police have not arrested Kevin for any crimes that were related to the abuse allegations.

Kevin Franke smiling
Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. (Source: NBCNews)

Furthermore, Kevin may prioritize family safety, keeping a low profile amid concerns for children’s well-being.

Moreover, he could be supporting his children in a private location, equally likely as anywhere else.

The ongoing legal process prioritizes the welfare of the children, hence keeping certain details about Kevin’s whereabouts and activities confidential.

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More Details About The Case Of Kevin And Ruby Franke

The main focus of this case is Ruby Franke, who became famous through the YouTube channel 8 Passengers, and her sentence for child abuse.

The combined operations of Ruby and her partner Jodi Hildebrandt in business got them charged with the abuse of their children.

Consequently, Ruby faced conviction and imprisonment for four to sixty years.

Meanwhile, Kevin petitioned for divorce in August of 2023, just a few days after the arrest of Ruby and Jodie.

Afterward, Kevin started advocating for complete custody of their six children.

Regardless of the allegations against Ruby and Jodi, authorities have never charged Kevin in connection with his abusive behavior.

Kevin Franke in suit
The Franke family became famous for their appearance on YouTube. (Source: BiographyMask)

Furthermore, the court found Ruby and Jodi guilty of abusing their kids in court proceedings.

Disturbing information brought to light in court revealed the children endured intense psychological and physical suffering.

Moreover, the torture received by the victims was because of the faith of the offenders.

Observers perceived the children were living in an environment reminiscent of a “concentration camp.”

Specifically, the attorney stated that Kevin has prioritized the well-being and recovery of his children.

He requests the judge to consider a life sentence for Ruby, highlighting the impact of abuse on their children.

Despite the challenges involved, Kevin remains determined to protect and reunite the children who have experienced significant trauma and abuse.

Kevin emphasized the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals from harm and holding those who commit harmful acts accountable.

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