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Harriet Ware-Austin Wikipedia: 8 Years Old Who Witnessed Death

Discover information about the Wikipedia of Harriet Ware-Austin, including insights into her age, career, and the tragic event that happened when she was 8 years old.

Harriet Ware-Austin is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of expertise advising governments and NGOs on human rights.

She brings a wealth of experience to her role as a partner at Adroit Consultants since May 2006.

However, Harriet Ware-Austin has faced profound personal challenges beyond her impressive career.

She witnessed a tragic plane accident in her childhood that claimed the lives of her two older sisters.

Despite the deep impact, Harriet has recently embarked on a journey to connect with people who share a similar tragic experience.

She found understanding in individuals like Graham, who was also affected by the same accident and later became her partner.

However, with her rare appearances in public, the followers of Harriet Ware-Austin have started scouring the internet, searching Wikipedia to learn more about her.

Harriet Ware-Austin Wikipedia: Career And Age

People have searched for a Wikipedia page dedicated to the life and career of Harriet Ware-Austin, but unfortunately, none exists to date.

Harriet Ware-Austin, known for her impactful career in human rights, has made an indelible mark.

While details about her birthday are private, her dedication to the cause is evident through her noteworthy contributions.

Harriet Ware-Austin and greenery in background.
Harriet lives with her husband and three sons. (Source: BBC)

Harriet Ware-Austin has skills including policy and strategy development, management, and the delivery of human rights training.

Moreover, Harriet’s decades-long career highlights deep expertise in human rights issues.

Harriet worked as a Human Rights Adviser between 1999 and 2006 at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Furthermore, she had a variety of responsibilities in this job and did many different things to help with human rights issues.

In addition, Harriet’s FCO role has an impressive career history, spending a decade with Amnesty International in policy and advocacy roles.

Moreover, she actively engaged in human rights training for various groups and contributed to initiatives in different locations.

Harriet’s commitment to human rights is evident in her collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University on various projects.

Harriet Ware-Austin childhood photo
Harriet prefers to keep her personal life private. (Source: Enews)

In addition, her vast experience lies in advising governments and NGOs on human rights policies, projects, and strategies.

Nonetheless, her role involves providing valuable insights and guidance in human rights.

Despite her undisclosed exact age, her extensive career journey reflects a dedication to service to promote human rights causes.

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Who’s Death Did Harriet Witnessed In Her Childhood?

When Harriet Ware-Austin was just eight years old, she saw a terrible plane crash that took the lives of her two older sisters, Jane and Caroline.

This tragic event has deeply affected her, and she describes it as being in a “tunnel” of private sadness.

Recently, Harriet has decided to connect with people who went through the same sad experience.

Harriet was at Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia with her parents. Her sisters, Caroline and Jane, were flying back to England after the Easter holidays.

Harriet Ware-Austin with her sister
Harriet Ware-Austin with her sisters Caroline, Harriet, and Jane. (Source: BBC)

Further, as they got on the plane, they waved goodbye; that was the last time Harriet saw them.

When Harriet got the news about the accident, Graham didn’t initially realize something serious had happened.

In Addition, Harriet’s sister Caroline ran into a dangerous area where fuel poured.

Sadly, she could only survive for four days due to her injuries, and Jane died instantly due to the seatbelt pressure.

However, Harriet shared her painful memories on BBC radio, talking about the accident that changed her life.

Nonetheless, Harriet Ware-Austin was a child when they died, and the details of her sister’s tragic death are not widely known due to the absence of a Wikipedia page.

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