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Tom Schwartz Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Former Katie Maloney Husband

Ever since Tom Schwartz was entangled in a mysterious love triangle in  Vanderpump Rules Season 11, people have been curious about the latest updates surrounding him, leading them to prompt his Wikipedia. So, let us explore!

Tom Schwartz is an American model, actor, and reality TV Star from Woodbury, Minnesota.

He began his entertainment career as a model after he shifted to California from his hometown.

Later, Tom acted in a series entitled Two and a Half Men and True Blood, but unfortunately, that remained uncredited. 

In 2013, he was suddenly cast on a reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules, and gradually, he started garnering a name and fame.

The reality TV star also made several media headlines as the husband of actress Katie Maloney.

Amidst their divorce news, many people are now curious about Tom Schwartz regarding such issues and scouring online for his Wikipedia page to get in-depth details.

Exploring Tom Schwartz Wikipedia, Age: How Old is the Reality Star?

As Tom Schwartz has a good presence in the media, there has been a significant rise in his fan following, resulting in searching his Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, the lack of a dedicated Wikipedia page for Tom Schwartz leads to a scarcity of his details.

Born on October 16, 1982, Tom is 41 years old and lives in North Florida.

He is the son of William Schwartz and Kimberly Schwartz. His parents raised him alongside his four siblings.

Tom Schwartz in his teenage days.
Tom Schwartz is a Florida native. (Source: Instagram)

As for education, Tom went to Woodbury High School and later graduated with a pre-med degree from Florida State University.

While pursuing his career, the tables turned against Tom as he failed miserably to set his career and struggled for good results.

Nevertheless, with a lot of hard work, he entered the industry, establishing himself as a renowned reality star.

Tom Schwartz, a media figure, gains attention for career issues, sparking interest in his Wikipedia profile among the public.

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Career Journey & Net Worth Of Tom Schwartz

Tom Schwartz began his career as a Bartender at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant.

Over time, he bartended in restaurants like SUR & PUMP in California.

Tom Schwartz as a Bartender
Tom Schwartz has also appeared on Celebrity Family Feud. (Source: Instagram)

Despite holding a job, Tom could not support his family financially, so he dared to pursue his dream in the fashion industry.

Meanwhile, Tom got a chance to portray a minor role in the 2011 movie True Blood due to his appearance and physicality.

Two years later, he starred in the series Two and a Half Men, a great hit that year.

However, his significant media breakthrough came from the reality show Vanderpump Rules, aired in 2013.

The show mainly featured celebrities who worked on building their futures in show business entangled in interpersonal drama.

Tom in an Advertisement of BuzziLight Seltzer.
Tom Schwartz gained stardom as a cast of Vanderpump Rules. (Source: Instagram)

In the show, Tom first appeared as one of the recurring roles continuously for two seasons.

Later, in season three, Tom Schwartz’s standout performance earned him audience love, making him one of the most beloved cast.

Moreover, with his several endeavors, the TV personality succeeded in amassing more than $5 million, according to the media. 

A Sneak Peek At Tom Schwartz’s Relationship Status & Controversy

Tom Schwartz was married to Katie Maloney, an actress. The couple tied the knot in 2016 but never made it official.

After a few years, Tom revealed his separation from his wife Katie in Vanderpump Rules.

Similarly, their separation news in Vanderpump Rules season 11 generated controversy.

Tom and Kate Maloney together in a restaurant
Tom Schwartz was a bartender. (Source: Instagram)

In the show, Tom Schwartz confronted that his wife, Katie, diminished his friendship with others, leading to their relationship breakdown.

Following that, Katie responded to Tom’s statement and stated:

Well you’re friends with everyone, you’re like a serial killer’s wet dream.

Thus, these obnoxious comments lead to another truth about him cheating on Katie with a newcomer in Vanderpump Rules.

As more mysteries exist behind Tom and Katie’s relationship breakdown, we cannot conclude this scenario.

But as per IMDb, the two have filed for a divorce, and it’s still in process.

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