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How Did Oliver Kill The Dad In Saltburn? Murder Mystery Solved!

Saltburn has garnered the attention of film enthusiasts with its mysterious plot and thrilling ending. However, many are left with queries and wonder how did Oliver kill the dad in Saltburn. Let’s find out!

Written, directed, and produced by Emerald Fennell, Saltburn is a dark comedy psychological drama.

The story is set in England in the early 2000s and follows an Oxford University student, Oliver, and his strange obsession.

Further, the characters showcase eccentric behavior that has struck the viewers, earning the movie a positive response.

As Saltburn creates buzz online as one of the weirdest movies of the year, many wonder about Oliver’s motives.

Hence, they question how did Oliver kill the dad in the Saltburn estate as it remains a mystery.

How Did Oliver Kill The Dad In Saltburn? Murder Mystery Solved!

Viewers are concerned and want answers regarding the dad’s whereabouts from Saltburn.

Looking back at the story, Oliver arrives at the lavish estate with his friend Felix to spend an unforgettable summer.

Further, the Oxford student is welcomed by the couple, Sir James Catton and Lady Elspeth Catton.

Oliver from Saltburn wearing a deer antlers
Oliver, consumed by lust, plots the murders. (Source: Twitter)

As the story progresses, Oliver develops a toxic attachment towards Felix and his prestigious family.

Now, he plans to infiltrate the Catton family’s inner workings, starting with his closest companion, Felix.

When Felix learns the true nature of Oliver, the student ends up poisoning a bottle of champagne to kill him.

Following events, Oliver slowly ends the people around him with a suspicious motive.

However, Felix’s dad is the only member of the family whose death was not directly orchestrated by Oliver.

After the loss of his child, James becomes certain that Oliver has developed an unhealthy connection with his wife.

Additionally, when asked to leave the estate for a sum of money, Oliver initially denied the offer.

Felix's dad from Saltburn talking with Oliver
With each sequence, Saltburn’s plot intensifies.

Later, after a time skip, Oliver reads of James’s death in the newspaper’s obituary section.

But how did Oliver kill the dad if he was not in Saltburn during his demise? That is the question not answered by the plot.

Viewers continue to argue that his death was due to the trauma endured in the household.

Nonetheless, the death of James allows Oliver to return to the luxurious estate and continue his plan.

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A String Of Murders: Oliver’s Motives And Saltburn Ending

Driven by pure lust and envy, Oliver returns to Saltburn with the intent to kill Elspeth after the departure of Felix’s dad.

Right after James’s death, Oliver plants himself at a cafe the mother often visits.

Further, the two eventually meet as Elspeth still adores him without learning his true intent.

Oliver from Saltburn laying in the grass
Oliver shows naive behavior to convince the family. (Source: Twitter)

After receiving an invitation to the estate, Oliver spends several months with Elspeth until she falls ill, and Oliver kills her, too, while revealing all of his deeds on her deathbed.

Meanwhile, one of the major plot twists in Saltburn is how Oliver fabricates things about his parents.

Moreover, revelations indicated that his father was still alive and his mother was never a drug addict.

As the story nears its end, Oliver confesses how he developed his relationship with Felix, aiming to take over the fortune.

Similarly, a flashback showcases Elspeth signing her estate to Oliver upon her death.

Diving further into the movie’s theme, Oliver looks back at the murders and explores the class struggle.

Elspeth from Saltburn having a drink
Oliver trusts Elspeth and reveals his ulterior moves to her. (Source: Twitter)

Such motive led Oliver to kill the family, including Flex’s dad, who kept his distance for most of Saltburn.

After inheriting the fortune, the mastermind dances naked to mark his victory over the Catton family.

With disturbing aspects and a shocking ending, Saltburn manages to captivate viewers from the start.

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