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Artist Iniko Wikipedia, Gender, Age: How Old Is The Singer?

Iniko’s career is thriving more than ever as she shines on stage and in real life. Her fearless personality makes her fans fall in love with her even more. What more do we know about her? Let’s explore this Iniko Wikipedia article.

A singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, Iniko defines the new generation of artists with their powerful persona and incredible talent.

Iniko’s musical journey began very early after discovering they loved playing the guitar and piano.

They are not just musicians but excellent influencer for the new generation and has been able to have a huge impact through their unique identity.

But despite her ever-rising fame, Iniko does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page yet.

Iniko Wikipedia: What Does She Identify As?

Ever since they were a kid, their dream was to be a famous musician and travel the world spreading their tunes.

Iniko always knew that music was their only path.

Iniko in costume
Iniko was born to be a star, and there is no doubt about it. (Source: Instagram)

What sets them apart from the regular crowd is their courage and confidence.

They love being their true selves no matter what anyone else thinks of them and are a great example for the young queer community.

As a kid, they did not feel comfortable when people used to identify them as a female person.

Later, Iniko discovered that they could identify as a non-binary person.

Iniko instead calls themself an Afro-Jamaican and prefers to use the terms they/them pronouns. It is their way of self-expression.

This openness and conscious decision have influenced many people’s thoughts about various gender identities.

Iniko Wikipedia
Iniko has a charismatic personality, which is evident when she performs live. (Source: Instagram)

Now, talking about Iniko’s musical career, it is an extraordinary example of hard work paying off.

They know how to sing amazing notes and are great at captivating the audience whenever they perform on the stage.

Some of their famous hits like ‘Caught a Body,’ ‘Pinocchio,’ and ‘Motion’ have left the fans wanting more.

They also have an amazing social media presence, with 2 million fans on TikTok alone.

Further, Iniko has performed in many famous venues like the iconic SOB’s in New York City.

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Iniko Age: The Unisex Name & Heartwarming Journey Of Non-Binary Artist

Their immense wisdom may fool some people into thinking that Iniko is way older than their actual age.

Iniko was born on October 26th, 1996, making them 27 years old as of 2023.

Many might not know because there is no Iniko Wikipedia yet, but Iniko is not their real name.

In one of their Instagram posts, they shared that their mother lovingly gave them the name Iniko, and they fell in love with it.

Not only because it sounded beautiful but also because they liked that it was a unisex name.

Iniko on stage
People are very excited about Iniko’s upcoming tours. (Source: Instagram)

Identifying as a non-binary person, they really loved the concept of it. Since then, they have been using Iniko in their musical projects.

Iniko has a very warm relationship with their parents. In one of their tweets, they wrote a heartwarming note for their father, expressing their thankfulness.

Their gratitude came from their father’s acceptance of their identity and choices.

They revealed that it was very surprising for them when their 60-year-old father was so supportive.

non binary singer Iniko's live
People are searching Iniko Wikipedia to know more about her. (Source: Instagram)

During their entire journey of finding themself as a non-binary queer individual.

For some reason, many fans have speculated about Iniko’s father, who used to be heavily involved with alcohol.

But Iniko came forward with a statement, vouching that it holds no truth.

While they have been pursuing music for most of their life, they only began taking it seriously in 2017.

After their sister, a vocal coach started coaching them. This was the turning point in their career.

Iniko is thriving as an artist, and this might just be the beginning of their long career.

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