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Is Bibi The Monkey Dead? Fate of Real Life Marcel!

After the recent news about Bibi the monkey’s illness, fans are curious to know about his health. Is Bibi the Monkey Dead? Find out the truth.

Bibi is the popular monkey from the YouTube channel Animal’s Home.

Currently, he is living with his owner at Animal’s Home, an animal facility center in Indonesia.

The monkey and his owner share a beautiful bond together, and Bibi loves his owner as a father figure.

Bibi is a well-mannered and trained monkey, so people absolutely adore him.

Moreover, the monkey Bibi has a fan following as his cute videos on YouTube get thousands of views.

Recently, his owner mentioned that Bibi is unwell, and now people are worried about the monkey.

Is Bibi The Monkey Dead?

Bibi was initially rescued by the YouTube channel Animal’s Home Owner.

The owner posts videos of Bibi and other animals from the farm. Among the animals, Bibi is the most popular one and is adored by everyone.

Bibi might not be dead
Bibi is so well trained that he acts exactly like humans.

Clearly, the monkey is really friendly as he can easily get along with other animals from the farm.

Additionally, people love the innocent and witty nature of Bibi and how he handles things.

We can say that the owner is taking good care of Bibi, as reflected in the videos and training him well.

However, it was reported that the owner’s license to keep Bibi had expired, and authorities took Bibi to an animal sanctuary.

After hearing this news, fans worried for Bibi as he was unfamiliar with sanctuary life.

In February of 2023, Bibi returned home but in poor condition.

According to the owner’s video, Bibi is sick and can’t walk properly. The video shows Bibi in a worse condition but now getting better with the proper care from the owner.

Even after all this time, the owner has not opened up about Bibi’s health.

Bibi looks cute while cooking for his animal farm.

Instead, the owner continues to post daily videos using old footage of Bibi and raises funds for animal safety.

Since the owner has not disclosed any serious news on Bibi’s health, the predictions about him being dead might not be true.

Therefore, fans should not believe rumors until the owner confirms them.

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Is Bibi Living the Fate of Real Life Marcel?

People always confuse Bibi with Marcel from Friends. But these two famous monkeys aren’t the same.

Bibi gets his popularity from YouTube, whereas Marcel gets him from Friends.

But Bibi is living the fate of real-life Marcel.

Like Marcel has to go through the separation from his reel life owner, Ross, Bibi faces the same thing in real life.

Monkey Bibi is playing
Bibi, the monkey, is so intelligent and adored by many.

On May 20, 2022, authorities took Bibi away from his caretaker in an animal sanctuary.

The owner uploaded a video and stated that he is working on renewing the license and will soon return Bibi to home.

And just like Marcel from the series Friends, Bibi reunited with his owner after months.

So, the fate of Marcel from reel life is actually being portrayed by Bibi in his real life.

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  1. I love BiBi too! When people say he’s dead, it hurts. I know BiBi will die just like everyone else, I just hope the owner will let us, BiBi’s fans, grieve right along with him. BTW, I would like to send BiBi a gift, does anybody know how I do this?

  2. Bibi needs to be with his daddy. He takes such good care of him and it shows. You can tell he is very happy with his owner. He is very well trained and loves the family. His owner thinks of him as a son. Please let him go back to his owner!!!!

    • I guess you should maybe define ‘corrupted’ as a lot of us think Bibi is very well cared for and loved by the whole family as indicated by the videos.

    • Bi is far from corrupt. he is better mannered than most young children.
      His owner Quan loves him like his own son,
      He makes sure he is bathed, fed and loved.
      Please don’t speak out of jealousy you sound extremely ignorant.

  3. Bibi is lucky to have a father who takes such good care.The way he has trained Bibi to eat with a folk rice veg fruits and soup.Please don’t give tofu and milk.Veg fruits the way he is fed and eats is a joy to see.Such a wonderful relationship.Pray for the Dad Mom and Bibi.
    The way he sits and watched for his Dad’s return asking for food when hungry in a hurry to eat etc are a joy to watch.

  4. It seems when Bibi was taken away from the owner, Bibi got sick, did anyone think how separating Bibi from dad how this was going to affect him, how depressed and worry Bibi was going to feel, dad should of been given a time frame to re-new license before the separation. I am angry Bibi was separated from dad for 3 months and was put thru all this suffering from dad. Dad and family are loving and caring, Bibi is in good hands with his dad. Love you so much Bibi and dad. Get well soon, good luck n God Bless 🥰♥️🙏

  5. I understand why Bibi was taken from her human family. Monkeys are by nature wild animals. Readjusting to living in the wild with other monkeys will be difficult.
    Assuming Bibi fully recovers, what will happen when she reaches maturity? I am hoping her family is able to keep her even when she is fully grown. The love she will always receive is very apparent.

  6. Bibi is an amazing monkey 🙊 it proves where humans came from I watch Bibi every morning and it fills my heart ♥️ with such happiness If we were all monkeys and had a mentor like Bibi’s family this world would be in a better place Caring loving sharing Denise from Perth Australia ❤️‍🩹🙏

  7. Bibi is a very smart & sweet monkey who has feelings just like a real human. I fell in love with bibi when I first started following him. He loves his dad and mom very much & I love watching his videos on Facebook..love you bibi..💙🐒


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