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Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant Again: Jimmy Kimmel 2024 Show Rumor

The love life of Carrie Underwood has always been a public spectacle. Recently, rumors have been circulating that Carrie Underwood is pregnant after her Jimmy Kimmel Show appearance.

Carrie Marie Underwood, born March 10, 1983, is an American country singer who rose to prominence after winning American Idol.

She debuted with the single Inside Your Heaven, becoming the first country artist to top the Billboard Hot 100.

Since then, Underwood has released numerous hit songs and albums, including Some Hearts, Carnival Ride, Play On, and Blown Away.

Moreover, the country singer has sold over 85 million records worldwide as the tenth highest-certified female artist.

With such popularity, many have speculated about the singer’s personal matters.

This time, rumors circulate about how Carrie Underwood is pregnant after the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant Again: Jimmy Kimmel 2024 Show Rumor

There have been a lot of speculations and talks about whether Carrie Underwood is pregnant after her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2024.

However, despite the Jimmy Kimmel Show rumors, Carrie Underwood isn’t pregnant in 2024.

Further, the whole thing came forward as part of a misunderstanding as the country singer appeared on the show.

Carrie Underwood wearing a black dress
Underwood is a regular performer for the NFL season. (Source: Instagram)

Underwood attended the talk show in 2018 when she was pregnant with her second child.

Later, she gave birth to an adorable baby boy a year after giving a remarkable performance of Cry Pretty.

During her time with the host, the singer explored details about her life and opened up about her family.

Moreover, Underwood exclaimed that she was overjoyed to bring a new member into her happy family.

Years after the appearance, people started spreading the news that Carrie Underwood was pregnant in 2024 after the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Regardless, such news is false as the singer is preparing to tour the country with more than 24 concerts on the list.

Carrie Underwood standing with Jimmy Kimmel
Underwood pregnancy rumors claimed she was having a baby after the talk show. (Source: Twitter)

Despite the wide circulation of the pregnancy news, Underwood has maintained her silence on her social handles.

Additionally, celebrities are often the face of such false rumors due to the prying nature of their fans.

However, checking sources before believing anything on the internet is important.

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Husband Of Carrie Underwood: Stable Lifestyle With Children

The pregnancy rumors have also made people curious to peek inside the decade-long marriage of the country singer.

Previously, Underwood started dating NHL player Mike Fisher after meeting him at one of her concerts.

Further, the pair became intimate and engaged in December 2009.

Carrie Underwood with her husband
Underwood initially had a long-distance relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Shortly after their engagement, the country singer tied the knot to Fisher at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge in Georgia.

The couple was blessed with two sons, Isaiah Michael and Jacob Bryan, born two years apart.

However, Underwood later revealed in an interview with CBS that she had to go through three miscarriages.

The period was challenging for the singer and her family, inspiring her to pen the song, Cry Pretty.

Underwood attended interviews, photo shoots, and album launches despite such challenges.

Moreover, her husband has been her support system, proving they are a power couple.

Carrie singing with her guitar on Jimmy Kimmel show
Underwood was part of the Guns N’ Roses country tour. (Source: Instagram)

Outside of their marriage, they have accomplished many milestones they celebrate together.

Additionally, Fisher was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame while Underwood worked on her album.

The singer also extended her residency program, Reflection in Las Vegas.

Further, fans enjoy seeing the couple as they accompany one another on the red carpet and at sports events.

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