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Nex Benedict Obituary: Owasso School, Oklahoma Cause of Death

The untimely death of the 16-year-old non-binary student Nex Benedict left an unforgettable mark on history as grieving fans poured out their heartwarming comments to their obituary.

Nex Benedict was a 16-year-old trans student who studied as a sophomore at Owasso High School in Oklahoma.

On February 7, they were assaulted by three female classmates in Owasso High School’s bathroom.

Later that day, Nex informed their family, underwent an examination at the hospital, and was subsequently sent home.

Unfortunately, the next day, they went to the hospital for a reexamination, where they took their last breath.

The tragedy has shaken the community, leading to a swift law enforcement response to ensure justice for Nex’s family.

So, with the news of their death, people have filled the obituary of Nex Benedict full of heartwarming memories of them.

Nex Benedict Obituary: Oklahoma Owasso High School Cause Of Death

Though Nex Benedict passed away, their memory will forever remain cherished, and their spirit will continue to inspire those who knew them.

The obituary shows that Nex Benedict set milestones for resilience and the pursuit of justice.

Moving on to their sad death details, Nex Benedict died at the age of 16 on February 8, 2024.

Nex Benedict with a peace sign
Following the fight, the school suspended Nex for two weeks. (Source: Twitter)

Records initially suggested they may have suffered from trauma due to three high school senior girls beating them up.

After the beatings stopped, they couldn’t walk to the nurse’s office without help, and the school didn’t call an ambulance.

Following the conflict, Nex’s grandmother, Sue, who is also Nex’s adoptive parent, transported Nex to the hospital and later returned home with them.

Furthermore, the next day, their guardian transported Nex back to the hospital, where they pronounced them deceased.

Thus, based on the reports, we can infer that Nex Benedict cause of death is a concussion and internal injury due to the fight them was involved in.

text message of Nex
Nex was a straight-A student who loved reading, watching The Walking Dead, drawing, and playing games. (Source: Twitter)

However, the Owasso police have not classified the investigation as criminal, so nothing is certain.

Initial autopsy results on Wednesday suggested that Nex’s death was not caused by trauma.

Further, police have chosen not to offer more details on the cause of death until they receive results from toxicology and other additional tests.

Whatever the reason was, their loved ones commemorated Nex Benedict for their generosity and kindness through their obituary.

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Online Users Opinion About The Incident: LGBTQ Members Seek Answers

As known, Nex Benedict identified as a trans and did not see themselves strictly as either male or female.

Furthermore, their guardian, Sue, mentioned that Nex was still educating her about these matters, and she expressed pride in Nex.

Nex without glasses
Nex loved nature and animals and had a cat named Zeus. (Source: Twitter)

Nex’s passing comes amid criticism of Oklahoma officials for actions seen as negatively impacting LGBTQ+ residents.

Furthermore, online users have shared their opinions, suggesting that the bullying occurred because Nex identified as non-binary.

They additionally state that LGBTQ+ students feel targeted and harmed, even within the school environment.

Many online users think both the school and the girls who bullied Nex should be held accountable.

a post about nex in twitter
People share Nex Benedict obituary on various social media. (Source: Twitter)

Yet, the incident drives LGBTQ+ members, and they state that no one should endure bullying for being themselves.

Therefore, this incident has prompted many to stand in solidarity with Nex and their family, demanding justice.

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