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Payton Gendron Wikipedia: Where Is Buffalo Mass Shooter Now?

Payton Gendron, the shooter of The Buffalo shooting, is attracting lots of public attention due to his recent act. As a result, the number of people searching for his Wikipedia has risen significantly.

Payton Gendron is the man responsible for the Buffalo shooting in the year 2022.

He had shot 13 people on a Sunday afternoon, and 10 of them were black.

The shooting took place in a supermarket in a locality with primarily black people living in it.

The county sheriff of the locality called it a straight-up racially motivated hate crime.

This case outrages many people from all over the country and also raises questions about the gun laws in the USA.

Even after two years, people are still inquisitive about this case and the Wikipedia of the shooter Payton Gendron.

Payton Gendron Wikipedia: 18-Year-Old Uses Google Data To Choose Target

Payton Gendron was just 18 years old at the time of the shooting.

He was live streaming the shooting through his Twitch account, but Twich took it down just after two minutes of the stream.

Payton also made several posts before he entered the supermarket.

Only a few people could see the post in which Payton was talking about the number of white and black people inside the mall.

He was also talking about the map of the mall in the posts.

Payton Gendron in the court trial.
Payton Gendron’s crying picture was trending all over Twitter when it came out of his trial. (Source: Twitter)

He was acting suspiciously, resulting in a blackguard of the mall asking him a few questions.

The guard asked him why he went back and forth in and outside the mall.

To which he answered that he was collecting census data trying to deceive the guard.

He wrote later on one of his posts that he may have to kill the guard.

Payton further added that he chose Buffalo as his location for shooting after research.

The research gave him the details that Buffalo had more Black people living in it compared to other cities.

Payton Gendron Wikipedia
People constantly question why Payton Gendron targeted a specific community. (Source: Twitter)

Payton also said that he initially had plans to attack a local church but chose the supermarket.

His decision to attack the market was also based on Google’s popular times graph for the Tops Friendly Market.

He chose to go in there at the busiest time of the day so that he could shoot as many people as possible.

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Payton Gendron’s Secret Discord Server Revealed

Payton also made a private discord server 30 minutes before the attack.

The online chatting app has said that there are no other chat logs about the shooting apart from the server.

Sadly, even after his posts about his intention to shoot the people nothing could stop him.

A very heartwarming vigil was held in the supermarket a day after the shooting took place.

Payton Gendron wearing a mask in the court.
Payton Gendron could have become so much more, but now his Wikipedia is all about his crime. (Source: Twitter)

According to the reports, Payton had also made a threat to the Susquehanna Valley Central High School in Conklin.

The threat was not racially motivated, but it did create a very fearful situation.

The police took him to a mental health evaluation, and he was released after a day and a half.

This case sheds light on how there are still so many people who have so much hate against a particular race.

Payton Gendron has not only destroyed the lives of the families of the victims, but he has also created a divide in the community.

The Wikipedia of Payton Gendron will forever have this mark, and he will always be known as the person who killed so many lives.

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