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Is Jack Stauber Dead? Find the Fate of the ‘Buttercup’ Singer

It’s been a long time since Jack Stauber posted something on his social media, which has left many fans wondering if he is dead.

Jack Stauber, born on April 6, 1996, is an American artist well-known for his work in music and animation.

What makes him stand out are his music videos, which often have a nostalgic VHS-style look. He creates these videos using live-action, stop motion, and computer animation.

Some of his videos have become very popular on the internet, featuring as a meme.

Over the years, Jack has put out several albums, including Finite Form, Viator, Pop Food, and HiLo.

In 2020, he was honored with the Shorty Award for Best in Weird, recognizing his unique and creative work.

Now, many fans have been guessing if Jack Stauber is dead.

Is Jack Stauber Dead? Find the Fate of the ‘Buttercup’ Singer

Jack Stauber has stayed off of social media for several years now.

The last time he posted on Twitter was on October 27, 2021, when he posted a 25-second VHS-styled video. It’s the same case on his Instagram, where he posted the same video on the exact date.

After that, he hasn’t posted anything, so it’s been almost over 2 years now, which has left many people to wonder if Jack Stauber is dead.

The simple answer is Jack Stauber is not actually dead and is alive and well.

Jack Stauber smoking
Many fans are worried about Jack Stauber’s well-being after he suddenly disappeared from the internet (Source: Instagram)

Although he isn’t active on his social media, he does often post on his Patreon, which he had developed for fans to help support his music.

He often makes a post there at a monthly interval, the last of every month for the western hemisphere, which translates to the first of the next month in the eastern hemisphere due to time intervals in different time zones.

This month as well, Jack has made a short post that is available for his Patreon members.

Apart from that, he isn’t seen on the internet anymore.

But fans can rest assured that even though he isn’t posting that much, he is alive and living his life.

Considering that Jack Stauber is 27 years old as of now, it also isn’t likely that he will be dead in the near future unless some unfortunate incident occurs. He has a long life to live ahead.

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Reason Why Jack Isn’t Posting Anymore?

Jack Stauber hasn’t explicitly stated any reason why he isn’t posting anymore on his social media.

But fans have theorized many reasons as to why he isn’t active.

One of the first theories that many seem to know is that he is struggling with mental health issues.

Considering that he took over so many projects in the past, he might have burned out, which in turn affected his mental health.

Jack Stauber wearing a glass
Jack Stauber grew up in McKean, Pennsylvania (Source: Instagram)

The situation regarding Jack Stauber’s recent activities is somewhat mysterious. He stopped his regular posting following his DINO (Dinner Is Not Over) episode.

After the release of Opal, he said that he was in the process of building a small studio and returning to making music.

This was in 2020, and since then, Jack has continued to make monthly posts on Patreon. But some of this content may consist of old, unreleased material.

But no one really knows why he stopped posting or what he is doing now in real life.

Perhaps he has a big project in the making, or maybe he is just taking a much-needed break from the internet.

Jack might return in the future and surprise everything with a new big release.

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