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Is Joe Lombardi Related To Vince Lombardi? Family Tree And Net Worth 2024

Joe Lombardi and Vince Lombardi share the same last name. Do you think they are related? Connect with him to learn more information about Joe Lombardi and Vince. 

Joe Lombardi is an American professional coach and a former player who played for some time and started his coaching career before 2006.

He started his coaching career by coaching at the college level at Mercyhurst University; he almost spends one year with the University. Then he was hired by Atlanta Falcons as the defensive assistant. 

He served in many other clubs, but currently, he was the offensive coordinator under head coach Brandon Staley in Los Angles Chargers in 2021. 

Is Joe Lombardi Related To Vince Lombardi?

Yes, Joe Lombardi is related to Vince Lombardi; Joe is the grandson of Vince Lombardi, who was the American football coach and Executive in the National Football League. 

Vince died before Joe was even born, so he did not get to bond with his grandfather. But he is still known as the grandson of one of the famous coaches Vince Lombardi. 

Vince is considered one of the greatest coaches of his time; he served as the head coach with many clubs. When he started his career as the head coach, he never lost any game, so people always appreciated his work back in time. 

But he died while battling Cancer in 1970; he was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After his death, the NFL Super Bowl trophy was named in his honor.

Joe Lombardi grandfather, Vince Lombardi in past.
Joe Lombardi’s grandfather, Vince Lombardi in the past. (Image Source: Acme Packing Company)

So, Joe Lombardi and Vince Lombardi have a blood relationship, although they did not get to bond with each other. 

Joe is the son of Vince; one of his sons named Vince Lombardi Jr, and his Father named him after him. If he were alive with us now, Joe and Vince would have shared an incredible bond because they started their career in the same field.

Joe Lombardi Family Tree 

Joe Lombardi is the son of Vince Lombardi; his grandfather’s name is also Vince Lombardi. Joe shares a great relationship with his Father. 

He has not disclosed any information about his mother; he was raised by his Father, Vince Lombardi. Vince was a single Father when he grew Joe Lombardi; he named him after his Uncle Joe. 

Joe Lombardi’s grandparents are  Vince Lombardi and Marie Lombardi; Joe got to spend some of his time with his grandmother. But when he was born, his grandfather was no more in the world; he died while battling Cancer. 

Talking about family, he has not disclosed much information about anyone; there has always been little information in public. 

Lombardi has his own family now; he is a married man and Father of seven children. Lombardi is married to his high school sweetheart, Molly Lombardi. 

The couple has seven children together, four sons and three daughters. Lombardi has not shared much information about their children in public. 

They have kept their children’s life away from the media since they were born and have not come out in public yet. 

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Joe Lombardi Net Worth 2024

The net worth of a well-known coach in 2024 is $1.5 million, per the Sources, which he has been earning all from his career as a coach. 

He is almost 60 years old and has earned a significant amount as a coach. He has continued serving as the coach since 2006. 

So, Lombardi’s net worth increases yearly with his work, and his base salary in the team Los Angeles has yet to go public. But as per some sources, his pay per month is 32,000.

Joe Lombardi
Former Lions OC Joe Lombardi was not surprised by the firing and regrets not doing more to help run the game. (Image Source: MLive.com)

Also, he might have other sources for his income, like business and investments, which he has yet to share with the public. 

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