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Is Laphonza Butler Lesbian? Sexuality, Wife Of Newly Appointed Senate

Laphonza Butler is the name for the new generation of women to look up to. She is a mother, a wife, and a very strong politician. Many people want to know more about her life, including if Laphonza Butler is lesbian.

Very less, we hear about a queer woman from a small minority stepping into the world of politics.

Recently, a historic moment took place in American politics when Laphonza Butler was chosen by the Californian governor, Gavin Newsom, as the new senator.

This decision came after former senator Dianne Feinstein’s passing.

Not only a newly appointed senator, but Laphonza is also the president of Emily’s List, which is popular for helping democratic women during elections.

With the major spotlight on her, fans are now curious if Laphonza Butler is lesbian, and if yes, who is her wife?

Is Newly Appointed Senate Laphonza Butler Lesbian?

After Laphonza Butler steps up to the position of the Senate, she has to leave behind the role of the president of the organization.

Another impressive role she played was as the senior advisor to Vice President Kamala Harris.

She is not only the first Black lesbian to ever step foot in politics from Congress.

But Laphonza Butler is also the first openly lesbian senator from the city of California.

It is one of those moments where we can see politics becoming more inclusive for people from different backgrounds.

Laphonza butler and kamala harris
Laphonza often shares her admiration for Kamala Harris. (Source: Instagram)

Many queer people have been awaiting this moment for a very long time.

For them, it means that there is someone representing the LGBTQ+ community in the country.

Judging by history, it has never been easy for the LGBTQ+ community to get their rights.

Now, having politicians like Laphonza Butler being elected might be a sign of a huge change for the lesbian, gay, and overall queer community.

Laphonza Butler has a history of fighting with the system and necessary authorities for reproductive, gay, and lesbian rights, equality, and gun control.

We can expect her to take many new initiatives for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Meet Neneki Lee: The Wife of Senator Laphonza Butler

Now that we know about her sexuality and background and how important it was for her to win the position, let’s talk about her wife, Neneki.

Neneki Lee and Laphonza Butler met each other in the year 2009.

Lee was born in the year 1974, making her 48 years old as of now.

Is Laphonza Butler Lesbian
Laphonza and Neniki seem to have a loving bond with their daughter, Nylah. (Source: Instagram)

They instantly fell in love with each other. Neaneki was an incredibly talented and educated woman.

After being with each other for a long time, they decided to raise a daughter together and named her Nylah.

She has a degree in political science and government from Scripps College.

It would be unfair to only refer to her as the wife of the new American senator.

She has a very strong career background as she is the SEIU Public Services Division director.

Laphonza Butler kid
Laphonza’s daughter Nylah is so lucky to have such driven and inspiring mothers. (Source: Instagram)

Similar to Laphonza, Neneki can also be seen as involved in labor and politics.

She has been part of the organization for the last 26 years and has been the national division director of public services since 1997.

Her role in labor management extends beyond.

She has also been working as the national coordinator at the Kaiser Permanente Unions.

We can see how alike Laphonza and Neneki are in terms of their career and political background.

Their daughter Nylah is surely going to have a huge impact on her mothers in an extremely positive way.

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