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Who Is Jay Epps, Joanne Epps Husband? Her Personal, Family Life

The sudden passing of the acting president of Temple University, Joanne Epps, is shocking everyone. The university students are sending Joanne Epps husband, Jay Epps, notes of condolences.

Joanne Epps was an American law professor, legal author, and academic administrator born on May 28, 1951.

Epps began her legal career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia.

Not only that, in 2009, President Barack Obama nominated her as a potential candidate for the Supreme Court.

Joanne Epps was also the executive vice president and provost of Temple University.

Sadly, Joanne Epps lost her life to a sudden illness on September 19, 2023, and now netizens are sending condolences to her family, including her husband.

Husband Jay Epps & Local Community Mourn Loss Of Joanne Epps

She was taken to the Temple University hospital after losing consciousness and was pronounced dead.

Joanne was very private and rarely ever shared her personal life with the media.

The highly motivated Acting president had so many achievements in her life, it’s commendable. (Source: YouTube)

Although she has been in the public eye for years, her closest colleagues struggle to describe her outside work.

Joanne Epps has lived with her husband, Jay Epps, in New Jersey for decades.

She and her husband, Jay, are local to the place and have many friends there, and they describe the couple as very warm and welcoming.

They say Joanne and Jay were very helpful and would never turn anyone down if asked for something.

Very little is known about Jay Epps, but he must have been a wonderful husband to Joanne as their marriage lasted so long.

We cannot imagine what Jay might be going through after her sudden death.

Joanne epps husband
The university had decided to host a mourning session at its premises after Joanne’s passing. (Source: Instagram)

Let us hope that he has other family and friends by his side constantly supporting him.

He is an older adult now, and since Joanne and her husband, Jay Epps, do not have any kids, he might feel lonely in the initial days of Joanne’s passing.

Joanne definitely left a huge impact on her close ones at Temple University after her death.

Her colleagues, faculty members, and students have shared heartwarming notes about their sudden sadness at losing her.

Joanne was 72 years old when this unfortunate event took place.

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Joanne Epps Falls Ill During Memorial Service: Her Personal, Family Life

What is more sad is that she was on stage for the memorial service. The service was for another Temple University professor, Charles L. Blockson.

She suddenly fell ill and collapsed. Charles L. Blockson passed away in June of 2023.

Her husband, Jay Epps, was not present during the event. But he met her in the hospital directly, and sadly, she could not survive.

Epps Joanne
Joanne had a very long relationship with Temple University. (Source: YouTube)

Joanne had clarified that she was just working as the Acting President.

And she did not look forward to continuing her tenure as the university president.

Maybe she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her husband after retiring from such a long, glorious career.

We will never know why Jay and Joanne never had kids. Maybe they were both very heavily focused on their career and did not have time.

But she was like a mother to many students at Temple University.

Temple’s student government association wrote a statement saying that Ms. Epps had made,

Great strides for the university and always put students’ wants and needs first.

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