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Jordon Steele John Parents: Mother Tracey And Father

Being the youngest senator in Australian history, Jordon Steele John is the one to look up to, and now admirers are curious about his life, including his parents.

Jordan Alexander Steele-John, born on 14 October 1994, is an Australian politician and disability rights advocate.

Initially, Jordon Steele-John lived in the UK but migrated to Australia as a child with his parents.

He has cerebral palsy, so he uses a wheelchair to move around.

Steele-John began his political career in 2013 and was elected by declaration to the Senate in 2017 at age 23.

Further, Steele-John is a representative of Western Australia and a member of the Australian Greens.

During his political career, he supported disability rights, LGBT rights, climate actions, and mental health.

As a result, he is loved by younger generations, and now the spotlight has shifted to Jordon Steele-John parents.

Jordon Steele John Parents: Mother Tracey And Father

Steele-John initially lived in the UK with his extended family, including his nan, pop, great-grandma, aunt, and uncle.

He then migrated to Australia with his mother, Tracey, and his father.

While his father carved gravestones, Tracy had been a social worker in the UK for 20 years in child protection.

Senator Jordon Steele John with his mother and nan
Senator John deeply respects his mother and nan(Source: Facebook)

Further, Tracy greatly influenced Steele-John’s political views. Because of her, he knew about social justice and system theories.

He states that Tracy created a space for him to come to terms with himself and his disease.

However, Tracy was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, so she couldn’t work anymore.

Despite a lack of information on his father, he also had an aneurysm burst a year after Steele-John’s mother’s diagnosis.

Due to this, his father was also unable to work and earn money for the family.

The senator’s family finances were weak due to his family’s hardships.

Jordon Steele John Parents mother tracey
Jordon Steele John has always posted a cute mother-son picture on Mother’s Day. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Steele-John took an interest in politics as a distraction from his family condition.

Even though they were financially unstable, Tracy (mother) gave boundless affection to Steele-John and his brother Harry.

Recently, the 23-year-old politician used his first parliamentary pay cheque to clear a big debt of Jordon Steele-John parents.

Steele-John shares pictures of his mother through his social media handles, thanking her for constant support and love.

However, he is private about his father and rarely talks about him, even during interviews.

The disability rights activist values his family above everything and works to make them proud.

Jordon Steele John’s Career And Achievements

Being the first wheelchair user in the Senate, Jordon Steele John earned himself a name.

Growing up, he thought of his body as being different from others.

Further, Steele-John has brought a unique perspective to the parliament compared to his colleagues.

Jordon speaks about his disable journey and encourages others as well
Steele-John wants to create a safe space for disability(Source: Facebook)

Sitting alongside people often decades older than him, his youth also sets him apart.

During a statement release, Steele-John claimed,

The future belongs to young people. We need to be represented in our parliament

Further, he has been actively engaged in the youth climate movement since the start and addresses climate issues.

The Greens members campaign in disability, health, and peace spaces as they are important to make a community safe.

In addition, even before his election, Steele-John spent much of his free time in Western Australia in community service.

In 2018, he commented on Parliament House’s need to become more wheelchair friendly.

The following year, Steele-John led the establishment of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

tracey Jordon Steele John mother
Jordon Steele John thanks his mother for her immense support through thick and thin times during International Women’s Day. (Source: Facebook)

Currently, he continues working for disability support pension and care payment.

Apart from disability movements, the senator has announced Green’s policy to expand Medicare to cover mental health treatment.

Jordon Steele John has been working for the betterment of society and promises to do the same in the future.

With young members like him in the parliament, changes will surely be noticed.

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