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Is Marie Osmond Dead? Death News Circulating On Her Birthday!

Marie Osmond is an American artist who has left an incredible mark on the entertainment field. She recently celebrated her 64th birthday, but rumors about Marie Osmond dead on the same day have left fans in shock.

Marie Osmond comes from the famous ‘Osmonds’ family band, but she never was a part of it.

Marie made a name for herself in the world of country and pop music and on television with her incredible talents.

She is known for her iconic remakes of famous songs like ‘Paper Roses, ‘ which also kickstarted her career.

Ever since then, she has been able to win the hearts of many with her mesmerizing voice.

Interestingly, on the birthday, Marie Osmond death news is getting trendy, leaving netizens puzzled.

Marie Osmond Dead At 64? Joyful Post Amidst Shocking Death Rumors

Recently, Marie has been in the headlines for very shocking rumors that have not been confirmed yet.

The news was surfacing that the 64-year-old singer and TV personality had died on the day of her birthday.

The fans and well-wishers of Marie are worried and want the rumors to be untrue.

Marie Osmond birthday post
Marie looks so cheerful and young, and she spreads positivity with her smile. (Source: Instagram)

On the day of her birthday, Marie made a very heartwarming post with a long caption.

She chose the day to write about her everlasting faith and love towards god.

Marie wrote about how much she is grateful to god for shaping her into who she is today.

The hardships and sorrow in her life, along with her happy days, are responsible for her life today, and she loves it.

In the caption, she describes her life as truly brilliant and wants to grow more as a person.

The day that her death rumors were surfacing is the same day she refers to as a very memorable day.

Marie osmond daughter
The family of Marie is very lucky to have a mother figure as exciting as Marie. (Source: Instagram)

Her children came together to celebrate the very special day with her by taking her to an aquarium after a wonderful dinner night.

She wrote that she wishes to live the rest of her life creating moments like these.

Interestingly, the 13th of October is not only her birthday but her father’s too.

She shares that she is extremely grateful to have shared the special day with her big man.

These were all the things she wrote in her caption on her 64th birthday.

Now, the rumors surfacing about her death on the same day are creating shock and confusion among fans.

Rumored Death Hoax Of Marie Osmond: Insta Post Proofs

It seems like it is highly unlikely for the rumors to be true because she looks very healthy and happy in the Instagram pictures on that day.

With that said, life is a very uncertain phenomenon, and anything is possible.

The family member or her team no one has come forward with any statements to prove or disprove the death rumors.

Some people are saying that Marie had been battling a disease for a long time, and she knew she was here for a limited days.

Is Marie Osmond Dead
Marie Osmond fans wish a very healthy life ahead for her. (Source: Instagram)

This, however, is not the first time Marie’s death news has been surfacing in the headlines.

The same rumors about Marie Osmond being dead were surfacing in the years 2018 and 2020, which later was false.

Maybe this time, too, the rumors came out of nowhere and are false.

We and the fans of Marie, along with her celebrity colleagues, wish these rumors to be false.

But only a confirmation by her or her family will make it clear to the public.

For now, by the looks of her social media accounts and the comment section, it seems like Marie Osmond is not dead.

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