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Is Mary Berg Pregnant 2023? MasterChef Canada Winner Baby Bump Rumors

Mary Berg has never failed to amaze her fans with her unique and delicious cooking guides. But recently, fans have been speculating if Mary Berg is pregnant. Find here what we know.

Mary Berg is quite a big name in the cooking world as she is the winner of the famous cooking show Master Chef Canada.

Not only that, the audiences also love her for her cooking shows like Mary’s Kitchen Crush and Mary Makes It Easy.

Mary has also published books, including her yummy recipes and cooking guides like ‘Kitchen Party’ and ‘Well Seasoned.’

Her cooking wisdom does not end here. She also hosts a podcast called ‘The Good Stuff With Mary Berg.’

Fans Speculation: Is Mary Berg Pregnant?

Mary Berg fans never fail to praise her for her welcoming and cute personality.

They not only look forward to her cooking content but also her life updates through her social media.

Currently, fans are talking about how she looks different and has a healthy glow on her face.

Mary berg pregnant
Mary and Aaron look like soulmates. Their baby will be beautiful. (Source: Instagram)

Yes! Fans are assuming that Mary might be pregnant with her husband Aaron’s baby.

Aaron and Mary had just recently celebrated their 6th anniversary, and they looked like a very cute and wholesome couple.

After being together for six long years, maybe they have indeed decided to welcome a little one into their world.

Mary’s career is skyrocketing, and she is now stable enough to raise a baby.

Masterched mary berg
Mary iBerg was amazing at the MasterChef Canada. She deserves the win. (Source: Instagram)

They also look like a very healthy couple who would provide all the love and care that the baby will need.

The speculations of her pregnancy started after her recent Instagram posts, where fans noticed a little bump.

But it might just be the illusion because of her high-waisted pants.

She is a very petite woman, so even the little bump does look a little suspicious.

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MasterChef Canada Winner Baby Bump Rumors: Clues From a Cryptic Caption

Diving deep into the rumors, there is another reason the speculation is heating up.

Mary’s husband, Aaron, recently posted two pictures of Mary. One picture from the year 2016 and another from the year 2023.

Mary Berg pregnant
This amusement park seems like a very special place for Mary and Aaron. (Source: Instagram)

Both the pictures had one common thing: both were clicked at the same place in front of an amusement park ride.

He wrote a caption suggesting that their past versions of them would have never believed what was in store for them.

Now, the interesting part is that he also wrote, “Who knows what the next 6 years will bring?”

The caption clearly looks like it is hinting at something. Also, in the picture, Mary is wearing a big scarf covering her bump.

Berg Mary
Mary is not only a talented cook but a really beautiful woman. (source: Instagram)

So, it does look like they might be hiding something but subtly hinting at it.

With that said, there is no official confirmation from the couple that they are expecting a baby or Mary Berg is pregnant.

Fans will have to wait for them to announce whether Mary Berg is actually pregnant.

It would be a great joy for Mary’s fans to see another addition to her life.

Maybe the fans will get new content about mommy or baby foods.

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