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Is Storm Reid Gay? The Last Of Us Riley Star Trans Backlash

Storm Reid has been making headlines for defending the show The Last Of Us after facing backlash for representing the trans community. But the question Is Storm Reid gay?

Strom Reid is a new-generation Hollywood actress known for her incredible talent on screen.

She was born to parents Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid on July 1, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Storm began acting in childhood at nine and played a small role in the TV show A Cross to Bear.

This experience made her passionate about acting, and she has always dreamed of being a big Hollywood actor.

Fast forward to 2019, she finally got the role of her dreams in the hit HBO series Euphoria.

Storm Reid Defends The Trans Community: Is Storm Reid Gay?

Euphoria is known for having a big cultural impact, one of the very important topics.

It covers is about the struggle of a transgender person and trans rights.

Talking about LGBTQ rights, Strom is a big advocate for the community, and she has also played a lesbian person in one of her shows, The Last of Us.

Storm Reid last of us
Storm Reid has proved herself as an actress by getting Emmy nominations for her role in The Last of Us. (source: Instagram)

Her character in the show falls in love with her best friend, Ellie, a trans person.

Actress Bella Ramsey plays Bella, and they are shown kissing each other in a scene.

While many viewers loved the LGBTQ+ representation, some criticized it heavily.

Storm Reid, who is very vocal about gay and trans rights, did not think the criticisms were valid.

She is very outspoken and speaks clearly on things that she finds unfair.

In an interview, Storm Reid responded to the backlash by highlighting the importance of gay and trans representation in the media. She stated,

It’s 2023. If you’re concerned about who I love, then I need you to get your priorities straight.

She also added that there are many things to worry about in life rather than someone’s love life.

Storm emphasizes that love is a very beautiful feeling and it’s ‘nonsense’ that people have negative things to say about it.

Storm Reid Gay
Storm Reid is growing and glowing after the amazing responses to her statements. (Source: Instagram)

Some netizens were curious whether Storm Reid, who played a gay character in the show, is gay in real life, too.

But she has not opened up about her sexuality in real life.

It’s up to her when she decides to share her personal love life information.

Some netizens also commented that the younger generation of artists shows a lot of hope in humanity.

Storm Reid’s The Last of Us Role: A Powerful Celebration of LGBTQ+ Representation

In the interview, Storm also said that her role in The Last of Us is very close to her.

The role allowed her to represent a woman of color and a young queer woman.

Her portrayal of the role introduced the audiences to the daily hardships and problems a young gay person faces.

Storm Reid
Storm Reid plans to play more diverse roles in the future. (Source: Instagram)

Storm Reid believes that the episode and the relationship between her character, Reily, and her best friend, Ellie, are beautiful.

She added that the episode nicely celebrated the friendship, crush, and flirtatious energy between two young queer people.

Bella Ramsey, who portrays Ellie, identifies as transgender and has also spoken up, defending LGBTQ representation in Hollywood.

As an actress and model, Storm has shown how a person can be so powerful when it comes to standing firm in their beliefs.

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