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Watch Isaiah Stewart Drew Eubanks Video! Punching Suns Scandal

A long-time beef has led to a big altercation between Isaiah Stewart and Drew Eubanks, Isaiah allegedly hit Drew in the face, and fans are desperately waiting for the video of it to come forward.

NBA which stands for the National Basketball Association is an extremely prestigious basketball league in North America.

Fans from all across the country tune into their TV to watch the big game.

Oftentimes we get to hear the news about fights breaking out between the fans of different teams.

However, this time two NBA players were caught in a serious incident that occurred before the start of the game.

Isaiah Stewart from the Detroit Pistons and Drew Eubanks from Phonex Suns are all over the news for their altercation and fans wonder if there is a video of it.

Fans Seek Video Proof: Isaiah Stewart Allegedly Punches Drew Eubanks In Parking Lot Scuffle

According to the reports, the incident took place in the parking lot of the game venue in Phoenix.

The Detroit Pistons player Isaiah Stewart allegedly punched the Phoenix Suns player Drew Eubanks in the face.

Isaiah Stewart and Drew Eubanks beef
Fans did have a clue about their rift but did not know it would lead to something this serious. (Source: Twitter)

After the altercation, the Phoenix police were immediately on the scene.

They charged Isaiah Stewarts with a citation after an arrest for assault and released him afterward.

Various sources say that the punch left Drew Eubanks with a ‘minor injury.’

However, he did not let the incident stop him from taking part in the game.

On the other hand, Isaiah Stewart was out of the lineup due to a sprained ankle.

The Detroit Pistons player Isaiah may have had an upper hand in his altercation with the Phoenix Suns player who drew Eubanks.

However, his team did not enjoy the same fate that night.

Detroit Pistons were beaten by the Phoneix Suns with a score of 160-100.

After the reports of their altercation came to light many of their fans wanted to know more details about it.

Isaiah Stewart in ground
Isaiah Stewart is a great player, but he should also have been very careful off the ground. (Source: Twitter)

They are searching for the video of Isaiah Stewart punching Drew Eubanks.

However, the video of the altercation does not seem to have made its way to the Internet as of yet.

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Old Feud Sparks Scandal: Isaiah Stewart And Drew Eubanks’s Beef Not New 

It has come to reports that the beef between Isaiah and Drew is not new.

They allegedly were extremely sour with each other during one of the matches in November of 2023.

This was the first time they met each other after the November rift.

The unsolved beef between the two led to an argument which led to Isaiah punching Drew in the parking lot.

The Suns have come forward with a statement saying that the attack was ‘unprovoked.’

Drew Eubanks looks tense.
Drew Eubanks’ fans do not like the situation and the fact that he had an injury. (Source: Twitter)

However, one of the coaches of the Detroit Pistons does not agree with it.

The investigation is still ongoing and the NBA itself is trying to navigate through the situation.

The Suns fans hope that Drew Eubanks gets the justice he deserves.

Some fans believe that such actions by any NBA player should face proper consequences.

Although the video of the fight between Isaiah Stewart and Drew Eubanks is not out, the fans have made their judgments.

Let’s hope that the investigation comes to an end soon and the NBA will take proper action.

Neither Isaiah Stewart nor Drew Eubanks has come forward with any statement regarding the altercation as of yet.

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