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Jaafar Jackson Ethnicity: Is MJs Nephew African Or American?

The nephew of Michael Jackson, Jaafar Jackson is just as charming, he has the looks, and he can sing and dance, which makes people very curious about his ethnicity. Let’s explore.

In the world of music, one name that stands out among the rest is Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop has left a legacy that to this day no one has been able to match.

There is a lot about Michael Jackson in the media but not even his oldest fans know about the intimate details of his life.

To tell his untold story his nephew Jaafar Jackson took a step forward to portray him in his new upcoming biopic.

Jaafar Jackson is all over the news for his uncanny resemblance with his late uncle Michael Jackson.

Many netizens who are just getting to know Jaafar Jackson want to learn more about him and are also very curious about his ethnicity.

Is MJ’s Nephew African Or American?: Jaafar Jackson Ethnicity

Jaafar Jackson the son of the brother of the late Michael Jackson is just 26 years old.

He was born in July 1996 to Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza.

Jaafar Jackson portrait
Jaafar Jackson might have to get some prosthetics to look more like his uncle in his later years. (Source: Twitter)

Both his parents having African roots make Jaafar Jackson of an African-American ethnicity.

Similar to his uncle Michael Jackson, Jaafar Jackson also is very proud of his ethnicity and black culture.

Initially when the pictures of the new rising star were surfacing on the Internet people assumed that he could be of mixed race.

It is because unlike most African people Jaafar Jackson has some unique features that resemble people of mixed-race ethnicity.

However, those assumptions and rumors do not have any truth to them.

His parents being African and his being born and raised in America classifies him into the group of African-American people.

Despite being born in America Jaafar Jackson’s parents Jermaine and Alejandra have made it possible for him to be close to his African roots.

Jaafar Jackson portraying MJ
Jaafar Jackson has almost the same body built as his late uncle; he was born to play this tole. (Source: Twitter)

They like being involved in various African cultures and festivals.

Jaafar Jackson and his family are also very fond of African foods and music.

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Jaafar Jackson: Sorting Out the Truth About His Family’s Background Amidst Rumors

Various reports also suggest that Jaafar Jackson and his family also have a European heritage.

However, there is no proof of that and there are no proper sources to the rumors.

During the 80s when Michael Jackson’s career was flourishing many media houses would write various baseless articles about him.

Some media publications also wrote about Michael wanting to be of the white ethnicity.

Jaafar Jackson Ethnicity
Jaafar Jackson and Michael side by side look even more alike, the Jackson genes are strong. (Source: Twitter)

They suggested that the king of pop had taken injections and done many procedures to look more like a white American.

However, the news was completely false and the change in appearance of his skin color was due to a skin condition.

The speculation about Michel Jackson is also one of the reasons his nephew Jaafar Jackson is time and again questioned about his ethnicity.

Thankfully in this day and age, fake rumours can easily be placed down with proper research and many available sources.

Let’s hope Jaafar Jackson can do justice to the biopic and gets to work on other many projects in Hollywood.

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