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Is Jasmine Roth Pregnant Again? Baby Bump Update 2023

Jasmine Roth is living her dream with a hammer in one hand and a dream in another. But is the TV star, Jasmine Roth, pregnant again? Let’s find out.

Jasmine Roth is a TV personality and entrepreneur famous for hosting Hidden Potential.

Her father was a carpenter by profession, and Jasmine Roth herself went towards the same career path.

Although not a carpenter, Jasmine Roth started her company, Built Custom Homes. This company specializes in designing homes for clients.

Her company blends luxury with cozy touches along with proper space planning.

For her career choice, Jasmine Roth is quite well respected as this is known to be a male-dominated industry.

However, there are rumors that Jasmine Roth might be embracing motherhood again as the buzz around her being pregnant is increasing.

Is Jasmine Roth Pregnant Again? Baby Bump Update 2023

Since Jasmine Roth is an internet personality, rumors of her being pregnant tend to come through rather regularly.

This is also fueled by Jasmine Roth having only been pregnant once. She gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter through this pregnancy in 2020.

Also, fans love Jasmine Roth’s family, as she posts beautiful pictures of her family regularly.

Even most of her recent photos on social media platforms are of her baby girl.

Moreover, Jasmine Roth’s captions also suggest that she adores her child.

Jasmine Roth is currently on the news due to the anticipations of her being pregnant again
Jasmine Roth is involved with Habitat for Humanity, volunteering locally and abroad. (Source: Instagram)

This adoration has pushed fans to think Jasmine Roth might be pregnant again.

With fan speculation rather high, many believe this could be due to any new photos with a possible baby bump.

However, that is not the case, as there is no baby bump hint or photos in any of Jasmine Roth’s recent posts.

Most of her recent photos show her with absolutely no baby bump. This has left speculating fans disappointed.

The disappointment is primarily because it is evident that Jasmine Roth loves her child.

And given the clear love seen in her social media photos, fans would love to have one more addition to the family.

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From Treehouses To Television: Jasmine Roth’s Career

Jasmine Roth is currently famous as an entrepreneur and a rather successful one.

She learned to build treehouses, playhouses, sheds, and furniture with her dad as a kid.

Later, this promoted her into the same field, making her the founder of Built Customer Homes, which has a strong team of design experts.

The design experts team advises on room design, furniture layout, floor plan assistance, and more.

Furthermore, Jasmine Roth’s design expert team currently comprises all female experts.

Jasmine taking pictures for Build Custom Homes' Ig post.
Jasmine Roth didn’t set out to become an HGTV star or a homebuilder/renovator. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, the design experts team consists of Veronica Valencia Hughes, Lisa Rossman, and Amanda Mayday.

Jasmine Roth also hosts HGTV’s hit show Hidden Potential and Help! I Wrecked My House.

In addition, Jasmine Roth was also on HGTV’s Rock The Block Season 1.

All these shows focus on finding ways to make homes as personal and functional as possible.

Jasmine Roth also features the company’s work of Help! I Wrecked My House under her company’s credited projects.

Since her company focuses on personal consultations before the design plan, their work has garnered much attention.

Jasmine Roth: Nesting In Love And Design

Jasmine Roth is married to Brett Roth, who himself is a businessman.

Brett Roth is a businessman operating a world staffing firm named Roth Staffing.

The couple decided to tie the knot together back in September 2013.

Despite a rather long marriage, the couple initially did not proceed towards having a child.

Jasmine sharing a happy picture of her family on Instagram
Jasmine Roth is a huge advocate for women and girls getting involved in carpentry and construction. (Source: Instagram)

There was no news of Jasmine Roth being pregnant for up to 5 years of marriage.

However, in November 2019, Jasmine Roth suddenly surprised her fans about her being pregnant.

Jasmine Roth posted on her social media showing off her 16-week-old baby bump, confirming she is pregnant.

It was in April 2020 that the couple finally welcomed their beautiful baby daughter into the world.

Her name is Hazel Lynn Roth and Jasmine Roth regularly posts pictures of her daughter on all her platforms.

The couple, though, seem in no hurry to welcome another child yet. 

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