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Who Is Jeremy Allen White Grandfather? Paternal And Maternal Family

People are quite curious about Jeremy Allen White, the American actor’s family background, including his grandparents, starting from his grandfather.

Jeremy Allen White was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on February 17, 1991.

Interestingly, at 13, he decided to pursue a career in acting, which marked a significant change in his life.

His journey in acting began in 2006 when he appeared in the film Beautiful Ohio and then in the TV series Conviction.

However, he is most well-known for his roles in Shameless (2011-2021), Homecoming, and The Bear.

Apart from television, he has also been a part of various films like Afterschool, Twelve, The Time Being, Movie 43, Bad Turn Worse, Viena and the Fantomes, and The Birthday Cake.

But people are not only interested in his professional life; they are also keen to learn about his personal life.

They want to know about Jeremy Allen White’s family tree, including the paternal and maternal grandfather.

Grandfather of Jeremy Allen White: Parental Paternal And Maternal Grandparents

After playing the role of Lip Gallagher on the TV series Shameless for a decade from 2011 to 2021, Jeremy Allen White has piqued people’s interest.

It’s worth noting that entertainment runs in Jeremy’s family, as both his parents were well-known actors during their time.

Moreover, they met while pursuing their acting careers. Jeremy’s mother and father attended the same acting college.

His parents, Eloise Zeigler and Richard White, decided to leave the acting profession. To find jobs that could better support their growing family.

Furthermore, they welcomed a younger sister for Jeremy named Annabelle White.

Jeremy, Eloise, Richard and Addison smiling in picture. Richard is now the grandfather of 2 grandchild
Jeremy Allen White’s family of four. (Source: BHW)

As for the grandparents, Allen Jesse White is the paternal grandfather of Jeremy Allen White, hailing from a long line of Quakers in North Carolina.

Allen Jesse White was born in North Carolina and married Ellen Vasilivna Lisovitch.

Ellen’s parents were Ukrainian immigrants from Galicia who practiced the Eastern Orthodox faith.

Sadly, Allen is no longer with us, and Ellen is described in her obituary as a daughter of Russian Orthodox immigrants.

On his mother’s side, Eloise, who is from North Carolina, graduated with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jeremy as a small kid carried by his mother
Jeremy wished his mother a Happy Mother’s Day (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, her parents were Henry Julius Zeigler (maternal grandfather of Jeremy Allen White) and Doris/Darris Eloise Ivey.

Henry was born in South Carolina, and Doris was the daughter of Rester Richard Ivey and Mary Herring, born in North Carolina.

Besides, he keeps his family life relatively private, and little is known about them. They likely prefer to live a normal life away from the spotlight.

Who Is The Wife of Jeremy Allen White? Family Detail

Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin met as teenagers while filming Afterschool in 2008.

They fell in love and eventually got married.

Additionally, they welcomed their first child, Ezer Billie White, into the world on October 20, 2018, and their second child, Dolores Wild White, on December 12, 2020.

Addison And Jeremy holding their each kids
Addison wished Jeremy a Happy Anniversary. (Source: Instagram)

However, as reported in a court filing obtained by NBC News on May 12, Addison Timlin filed for divorce from Jeremy Allen White.

Just weeks before, Timlin had publicly praised her husband when he won a Golden Globe in January.

So, the exact reason for their divorce remains a mystery, and there has been no official statement from either of them.

Likewise, on Mother’s Day, Addison Timlin posted on Instagram, referring to herself as a single mom.

As well as she shared the challenges of raising their children without a partner by her side. She posted photos of their kids along with this message.

Even though they face difficult times, hopefully, they will find their way through and have a bright future.

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