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Jharrel Jerome Family: Parents, Ethnicity, And Wife Details

The family of Jharrel Jerome has played an important role in shaping his life and acting career, sparking curiosity among people who have been searching for information about them on the internet.

Jharrel Jerome, an American actor and rapper, earns recognition for his impressive performances in both film and television.

He is renowned for his role as young Kevin in the dramatic film Moonlight (2016). 

Jharrel has also won an Oscar for Best Picture and many more awards for the role. 

Furthermore, he is also popular for his performance in the Netflix miniseries When They See Us (2019).

Thanks to his role, he has even won an Emmy for acting in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie category. 

Alongside his remarkable acting career, people also know Jharrel Jerome for his strong commitment to his family.

Jharrel Jerome Family: Who Are His Parents?

Jharrel Jerome often expresses his love and admiration for his family on social media. This has made people curious to learn about them. 

The amazing actor was born on October 9, 1997, in the Bronx, New York City, USA. He grew up in a loving family, as he describes it.

While information about his father is limited, Jharrel’s mother, Radoyka Jerome, has played a significant role in his life.

Old photo of Jerome family where his mother holds a dog
The close-knit family bond is obvious in Jharrel’s upbringing. (Source: Instagram)

He has revealed that his mother encouraged him to pursue an acting career while he was in the eighth grade. 

His mother has attended numerous awards shows and events alongside her son. This shows her unwavering support for her son’s success.

Meanwhile, his grandfather passed away from cancer seven years ago.

Nevertheless, Jharrel also thanked his grandparents for helping him rise in the music industry. 

Although not much information is available about his father, it’s evident that Jharrel’s parents support and guide him as he navigates his career path.

Likewise, he is not the only child of his parents and has a sibling, a younger sister, named Ciara Jerome.

Jharrel considers her to be one of his favorite people in the world.

Jharrel Jerome young hugging his sister
Jharrel and Ciara were often mistaken as twins due to their close relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Ciara has always been there for her brother. She has encouraged his dreams and supported him through his journey as an actor.

Jharrel also has a special relationship with Aunt Titi and his twin cousins.

Hence, his family has been a significant source of love and support, cheering Jharrel Jerome on as he achieved success in the entertainment industry. 

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Jharrel Jerome’s Personal Life: Ethnicity And Wife

As Jharrel Jerome’s popularity grows people have been curious to learn about his background.

The family of Jharrel Jerome belongs to a mixed heritage. 

Jharrel Jerome was born to his Dominican mother and African-American father.

Hence, Jharrel Jerome is of the Dominican descent and identified as Afro-Latino. 

Talking about his love life, he has kept his private affairs away from the media.

Additionally, he has done a great job in doing that. 

Jharrel kissing his mother chicks holding trophy
Jharrel made history as the first Afro-Latino actor to win an Emmy for acting. (Source: PEOPLE)

Even though Jharrel Jerome is open about his family life, he is reluctant to share details of his romantic relationship.

Nevertheless, as per sources, currently Jharrel Jerome is a single man and has no wife since he is not married to anyone.

Although there is not much information about his dating history,  he was previously reported to have dated a girl named Nigella Accorsi. 

Sources said she used to share photos of them on social media but she stopped posting in 2019. Hence, people assumed that they had broken up.

Meanwhile, people have questioned the actor about his sexuality ever since he portrayed a bisexual role in the movie Moonlight.

However, Jharrel Jerome identifies himself with a straight orientation and is not gay.

Apart from that, he has not involved in any rumors or controversies.

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