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Conspiracy Against Kim! Jinx Chapter 49 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

Kim finds himself in trouble as a moral dilemma to choose between his grandma and Jaekyung finds its way. Now, readers eagerly wait for chapter 49 of Jinx as the plot promises another eventful twist.

As one of the most popular manhwas, Jinx has consistently built the storyline for Kim Dan and Jaekyung.

In the recent chapters, the physical therapist struggled to convey his feelings towards the MMA fighter.

Further, other problems loom around Dan as his grandma is in the final stages of her terminal illness.

Meanwhile, Jaekyung has been preparing for a crucial match with a formidable opponent with a great fighting record.

As the characters tackle their troubles, their relationship growth seems far-fetched to the readers.

Moreover, the plot’s focus is on Dan whose unpredictable future excites fans for the Jinx chapter 49 leaks and spoilers.

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Before delving into the possibilities of Jinx chapter 49, let’s step back into the events of the previous release.

Dan realizes that his grandma doesn’t have much time left as she is in her final battle with the disease.

Further, the physical therapist is stressing about his situation when an unfamiliar face reaches out to him.

Dan with a man in Jinx chapter
Jaekyung has been learning Baek’s tactics. (Source: Twitter)

The man introduces himself as Choi Gilseok, the director of King of MMA Gym, and invites Dan for coffee.

Despite his initial hesitance, the physical therapist gives in after Gilseok mentions the treatment of his grandma.

Soon, the man reveals that he is a close acquaintance of Baek Junmin, who is set to face Jaekyung in the future.

As suspicion arises in Dan, he asks Gilseok to get straight to the point without wasting his time.

Similarly, the director offers a position at his gym to Dan, which takes the physical therapist by surprise.

Along with that, Gilseok demands fight strategy and information about Jaekyung.

In return, he offers Dan a rare medicine from the States useful for the treatment of his grandma.

Dan in a coffee shop in Jinx chapter
Dan works hard to save money for his family. (Source: Twitter)

After hearing such a request, the physical therapist returns to his quarter with a plan to brief the details to Jaekyung.

However, before Dan can tell about the incident, the fighter receives an image showing Dan talking to Gilseok.

As the chapter ends on a serious note, fans couldn’t wait for chapter 49 spoilers of Jinx.

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Conspiracy Against Kim! Jinx Chapter 49 Manhwa Spoilers, Leaks

The previous chapter showcased how Dan refused the request to sell Jaekyung to his opponent.

Such actions didn’t have a good consequence on the physical therapist as a target has been put on his back.

Further, an unknown contact sends Jaekyung an image of the physical therapist with his opponent’s director.

Jaekyung wearing glasses in Jinx chapter
A misunderstanding will arise between Jaekyung and Dan. (Source: Twitter)

This will raise suspicion on Dan in the next release as the fighter might question the interaction.

In the leaks of chapter 49, Jinx might showcase the fighter maintaining his distance from Dan.

Moreover, he might put the physical therapist out of meetings where strategy planning and training take place.

As the conspiracy against Dan brews in the gym, the opponent might take advantage of the situation.

Additionally, they might do something to jeopardize Dan’s position in the fighter’s team.

Similarly, rumors take a short time to spread around the gym, which might affect Dan’s morale.

Dan looking at his phone
The few chapters have been troublesome for Dan. (Source: Twitter)

However, readers are confident that despite the stress from opponents Dan won’t leave Jaekyung’s side.

Throughout the story, he has endured harsh words from the fighter but hasn’t taken any drastic steps.

Regardless, it will be thrilling to witness Jaekyung’s reaction to the situation as the story progresses to its next arc.

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