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John Oliver Son: Meet Hudson Who Born Premature

In 2017, when John Oliver opened up about the premature birth of his son on Last Week Tonight while emphasizing the benefits of vaccination, his fans’ concern significantly rose to know more details about his children. So, let’s delve deeply into the facts.

John Oliver is a famous British-American comedian best known for hosting the HBO show Last Week Tonight.

Born in Birmingham, England, in 1977, Oliver first gained public attention for his appearance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Later, in 2014, he started hosting Last Week Tonight, which became a breakthrough for his media career. 

Similarly, as for his personal life, Oliver married longtime partner Kate Norley, an Iraqi war veteran, and soon expected their first child.

But, Norley had significant complications during her pregnancy that led to the alarmingly early arrival of her son Hudson in 2015.

The family was deeply affected by the tragic beginning of Hudson’s life, about which Oliver talked much later.

Fiercely protective of his private life, Oliver has touchingly shared the details of Hudson’s medical journey.

Moreover, he shared how fatherhood has shaped his mind on issues ranging from vaccinations to workplace policy on the heart.

Since then, the internet search for the son of John Oliver, who was born premature, intensified.

Family Ties: Introducing John Oliver, Son

Despite his career in the spotlight, John Oliver prefers to keep his family matters private, including the details of his son.

But in May 2017, Oliver gave a rare televised glimpse into their struggles in an emotional segment called Last Week Tonight.

In the episode, John Oliver revealed that his son Hudson was born prematurely at 24 weeks and weighed just 1 pound 3 ounces in 2015.

Oliver further described his wife Norley’s pregnancy as “extremely difficult” as Hudson arrived 19 months before the announcement.

John Oliver with his son
John Oliver and Kate Norley welcomed their son Hudson in November 2015. (Source: USAToday)

He depicted the family’s painful moment in the neonatal intensive care unit, filled with doubt about whether Hudson would even survive.

Fortunately, the young warrior persevered, although he likely faced long-term health consequences.

Further, Oliver describes taking Hudson home for the first time, where he finally got simple pleasures like kissing and bathing after over half a year of his birth.

Moreover, Oliver tears up as he expresses his deep gratitude to the hospital staff who cared for Hudson.

In addition, the couple gave birth to their second son, about whom few details have been shared, except he was born full-term in 2018.

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Journey To Resilience: Hudson Inspiring Story

Hudson’s premature birth and its associated complications had a profound effect on John Oliver’s psyche.

In Last Week Tonight, when Oliver discussed the paid family leave policy. In the meantime, he pointed out America’s unique position as the only industrialized country without paid family leave.

He did so through personal experience with Hudson’s fragile health and the need for constant parental supervision.

He even praises the importance of vaccination, pointing to Hudson’s compromised immune system.

Further, Oliver explains that Hudson missed vaccinations as a baby and relied on herd immunity to protect him before the pandemic.

John Oliver hosting his show
John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight has over 749K followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he delves into how Hudson’s medical experiences have shaped his perspective as a public figure.

Seven years after Hudson’s traumatic premature birth, Oliver admires his son’s strength and determination.

Despite the information limitation, Hudson is thriving against all odds, no doubt raised carefully by his parents, Oliver and Norley.

Through his son’s journey, Oliver highlights how the family’s triumphs and challenges can inspire a strong community of advocates.

We may continue to hear about the tiny premature but powerful baby who defied severe odds and exemplified the extraordinary.

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