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All Of Jojo Siwa Tattoos, Their Meaning, Numbers And Symbolism

Jojo Siwa is all over the internet for her new arm tattoos, as her fans are in shock to see such a big change in her. Will this hamper her kid-friendly image?

Jojo Siwa is a famous dancer, singer-songwriter, YouTuber, and social media influencer born in 2003 on May 19.

She has worked in the entertainment industry since she was 10.

After appearing in shows like Dance Moms and Make It Pop, she shifted to YouTube to directly create content for her fans.

Her YouTube channel consists of various songs and videos about her daily life.

Moreover, Jojo Siwa has been able to become a huge personality from her social media presence.

This is why everything she does makes headlines, this time the headlines are about Jo Jo Siwa getting an armful of tattoos.

JoJo Siwa Tattoos: Exploring The Ink On Her ArmThat Challenges Her Kid-Friendly Image

JoJo Siwa has a big reputation for being an icon to millions of children worldwide.

For a long time, her content has been about providing kids with entertainment.

Her flashy dresses and cute hairstyles have made many children adore her.

Jojo Siwa getting tattoos
Jojo Siwa getting tattoos is not something her fans thought they would see so soon. (Source: Twitter)

However, Jojo Siwa has also been changing slowly as she grows into adulthood.

She nowadays likes to wear her hair low and dress up normally.

While the fans of Jojo Siwa are slowly adapting to the changes in her dress and hair, they did not expect to see her in multiple tattoos.

Jojo Siwa in one of her recent Instagram posts is flaunting an arm full of tattoos.

The tattoos consist of many different symbols and letters.

From a smiley emoji to a thunder logo and a lucky 8 ball, it consists of all the cool icons we can imagine.

Jojo Siwa Tattoos
Jojo Siwa has all the rights to get tattoos, and her fans support her. (Source: Twitter)

However, the tattoos on her arm are not real and are temporary and fake.

She knows the sleeve tattoo is not a good idea for her career as a kid’s entertainer.

Nevertheless, Jojo Siwa does have a few tattoos that are harder to notice.

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JoJo Siwa’s Tattoos Meaning, Numbers, And Symbolism: Future Family Plans

One real tattoo of Jojo Siwa lies on the back of her ear.

The ear tattoo is of the number 1031. JoJo Siwa explains that the number represents the days of her first concert.

Moreover, as a performer and singer, it means a lot to her.

She forever wants to keep this in her memories through her tattoo.

Meanwhile, JoJo Siwa has two other real tattoos that she says are a tribute to her future children.

Jojo siwa with arm tattoos
Tattoos or no tattoos, Jojo Siwa will never stop being the icon that she is. (Source: Twitter)

One of her tribute tattoos to her future children reads ‘Freddy.’

According to Jojo Siwa, Freddy is the tattoo she has made for her future baby girl.

Another tattoo of her consists of the names ‘Eddy and Teddy.’ The ‘Eddy and Teddy’  tattoo is a tribute to her future twin boys.

These tattoos show how important it is for Jojo Siwa to have her own family in the future.

Meanwhile, she has also revealed that she has talked with the sperm donor.

Jojo Siwa plans to start her own family after she feels ready.

Hopefully, her plans come to life, and she can start another glorious chapter.

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