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Jonathan Conricus Wife Wikipedia: Who Is Revital Cohen Conricus? Family

Jonathan Conricus has marked his legacy in the annals of the IDF with his unwavering dedication and service. So, the current war is bringing the wife of Jonathan Conricus and his family to the spotlight.

Jonathan Conricus is a name that echoes with respect and admiration in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) corridors.

He was born and raised in Israel and spent a significant portion of his early life in Sweden until he was 13.

The blend of cultures and experiences shaped his worldview, preparing him for the path ahead.

His illustrious career with the IDF spanned over two decades, during which he rose to Lieutenant Colonel.

Further, his dedicated service to the IDF spanned an impressive 24 years before concluding in 2021.

During his tenure, Jonathan managed the IDF’s international traditional and social media presence.

Also, Jonathan became the first IDF officer stationed at the United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ) in a historic move.

Currently, he serves as an Assessment Officer in the Office of Military Affairs at the UNHQ.

However, beyond his professional accomplishments, Jonathan is a family man at heart. And people are eager to know more about the wife of Jonathan Conricus and his family.

Jonathan Conricus Wife Wikipedia: Who Is Revital Cohen Conricus? Family

The wife of Jonathan Conricus lacks a Wikipedia page that prevents anyone from gaining further details.

However, we know that Revital Cohen Conricus, widely recognized as the wife of Jonathan Conricus, is a woman of many talents.

Born and raised in Israel, she embarked on a lifelong learning and self-discovery journey. She nurtured her passion for teaching and emerged as a respected educator.

Beyond the traditional academic sphere, Revital expanded her horizons to become a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner.

Jonathan Conricus wife Revital taking a pciture in what appears to be an orange attire
Jonathan Conricus is a devoted husband and a proud father of four children, ages 5 to 12. (Source: Facebook)

In this role, she guides individuals on their personal development journey. Further, she helps them unlock their potential and navigate life’s challenges.

The wife of Jonathan Conricus’s insights also find expression in her writing.

She is the author of Finding the Soulful Love, a book that explores her personal life findings.

Meanwhile, Revital is a devoted wife to Jonathan Conricus and a loving mother to their four children.

Revital and Jonathan married on March 11, 2005, in Petah Tikwah, Hamerkaz.

Revital Cohen Conricus is not just Jonathan Conricus’s wife; she is a beacon of knowledge.

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Is Jonathan Receiving Flak For Open Support To Israel?

Jonathan Conricus, the international spokesperson for the IDF, has faced criticism amidst the ongoing conflict.

Various media outlets and individuals worldwide have scrutinized his statements and actions.

In an interview with CNN, Jonathan defended Israel’s retaliation against Hamas attacks, stating,

You cannot expect us to feed and fuel the same enemy who is butchering us.

This statement sparked a debate about the proportionality of Israel’s response and its impact on civilians.

The IDF warned civilians in Gaza to evacuate their homes in case of a possible ground invasion against Hamas. This was another point of contention.

Jonathan said that the scenes out of Gaza would be hard to stomach. He was hinting at a far-reaching operation.

Jonathan Conricus during a conversation on the news channel i24
Jonathan Conricus has received a service medal at the UN in June 2015. (Source: Twitter)

This led to concerns about the potential for high civilian casualties and the humanitarian crisis it could cause.

Furthermore, Jonathan faced questions about the bombing of the Al-Jalaa tower, which housed several media outlets.

He claimed that the tower also housed Hamas intelligence and weapons development operations. But this assertion was met with skepticism and demands for proof.

Jonathan continues to defend Israel’s actions in the conflict.

However, his statements have been receiving criticism and calls for greater transparency and accountability.

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