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Did Mother & Boyfriend Kidnap Joslin Smith: Suspect Claims?!

The missing six-year-old Joslin Smith is nowhere to be found; while law enforcement is searching, people have started to suspect the mother and her boyfriend.

Joslin Smith is a six-year-old girl from Middelpos, Saldanha Bay, South Africa.

She was born to parents Kelly Smith and Jose Emke.

The young girl went missing on the 19th of February from her home and is nowhere to be found up until now.

The whole town tirelessly searches for Joslin Smith and desperately wants to know her whereabouts.

However, despite all the investigation efforts, there have not been any useful findings in the case.

As time progresses, people have started to create various theories, and some now suspect the mother and her boyfriend for the disappearance of Joslin Smith.

Joslin Smith Case: Community Points To Her Mother, Kelly Smith, and Boyfriend As Prime Suspect

People began to suspect Kelly Smith and her boyfriend Jacquin Appollis after they learned more about Jose Emke’s life. 

Various reports suggest that Kelly Smith may have been quite negligent of her daughter.

Her boyfriend Jacquin Appollis was looking after her daughter Joslin Smith when she went missing.

Joslin Smith mother and her boyfriend
Joslin Smith’s mother and her boyfriend are now facing much internet scrutiny. (Source: Twitter)

While Kelly Smith was at work, her boyfriend, Jacquin Appollis, and her daughter, Joslin Smith, were supposed to be home.

Jacquin Appollis himself has admitted that he was responsible for looking after the young kid.

However, he also says he has nothing to do with her disappearance.

The people of South Africa are unwilling to believe Jacquin Appollis’s statements.

They believe he is hiding something and knows more than he’s trying to show.

Netizens also think Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly Smith, is equally responsible.

While the investigation does not seem to lead toward solid information, some details are creating some suspicions.

Joslin Smith Suspect
People are praying for Joslin Smith’s safety and hope she is okay. (Source: Twitter)

People who have been studying this case suspect that Joslin Smith might have been a victim of human trafficking.

They think that her mother and her boyfriend may be responsible for it.

However, there is no solid evidence to prove these claims right now.

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Father Speaks Out: Jose Emke Urges Thorough Investigation Into Kelly Smith And Boyfriend

Jose Emke, the biological father of Joslin Smith, has also come forward in the media.

Jose Emke is asking law enforcement to investigate Joslin Smith’s mother and her boyfriend thoroughly.

Like everyone else, he also looks at Kelly Smith as the suspect in the missing case of Joslin Smith.

He also claims to have been fighting for the custody of his two children with Kelly Smith for a long time.

Joslin Smith father
Joslin Smith’s father is not willing to believe the words of Kelly Smith and her boyfriend. (Source: Twitter)

While some people think that Jose Emke is genuine, others believe he might also be lying.

The case is getting increasingly complex, and the netizens are becoming hopeless.

Some people are wondering if Joslin Smith has been murdered after being kidnapped.

They are requesting the law department to speed up the whole investigation process.

Meanwhile, the community is carrying out a search investigation on their own.

Let’s hope the six-year-old returns home safely and whoever is responsible for her disappearance will face the consequences.

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