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Has Karim Benzema Undergone Surgery? What Is Wrong With His Hand? Health Update

Real Madrid confirmed that Karim Benzema underwent surgery to drain fluid from his right knee in France.

Football fans with keen eyes may have noticed that Karim Benzema frequently sports a bandage on his hand these days.

Although Jose Antonio Camacho and Chendo, two former Real Madrid stars, were also known to wear bandages, the striker doesn’t wrap his hand before every game for that reason.

Prolific France international wears hand protection on the field because of GOAL.

Has Karim Benzema Undergone Surgery?

Karim Benzema, a forward for Real Madrid, underwent surgery in 2013 in Lyon to remove a cyst from the back of his right knee.

According to a statement from the team’s medical staff, the player Karim Benzema underwent surgery to remove a ganglion cyst from his right knee at the Centre Orthopedique Santy-Lyon.

Dr. Sonnery-Cottet performed the procedure under the direction of the Real Madrid Sanitas Medical Team.

However, Karim Benzema underwent a second surgery after fracturing his finger in 2019.

What Is Wrong With Karim Benzema Hand?

After breaking his finger in 2019, the Ballon d’Or 2022 candidate did not want to stop and have another surgery on his hand.

The Frenchman was involved in a collision with Real Betis defender Marc Bartra on January 13, 2019, while playing in a Liga match.

After breaking the little finger on his right hand, Benzema was advised to have surgery to repair it, but this came with a two-month recovery period.

Benzema only missed one Copa del Rey match against Leganes and made his bandage debut against Sevilla. He scored six goals in the following four games, and the equipment on his hand appeared as both a good luck charm and an element of his celebration.

Following the 2018–19 season, Benzema consented to the operation in the summer. He would, however, hasten his recovery at the expense of delaying the complete healing of his finger.

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He heavily bandaged his hand from that point forward and played through the injury, never looking back.

Why Is Karim Benzema Still Wearing The Bandage?

Benzema revealed in a press conference before a group game in the Champions League in October 2021 that he still needs to wear the bandage despite scoring an average of more than 30 goals per game since the injury.

He disclosed that following the surgery, he still had to miss two months of work.

Karim Benzema surgery
Karim Benzema still wears the bandage while playing (Source: Twitter)

He added that he injured his finger again but didn’t have time to stop and have another surgery, so he played while wearing the bandage.

It’s unclear whether Benzema will keep the bandage on forever as a lucky charm or if he’ll get rid of it once he’s fully recovered.

Karim Benzema Health Update: Is He Ruled Out Of World Cup 2022?

Before kicking a ball in Qatar, Karim Benzema will return from the World Cup on a plane.

Since rejoining the French squad, the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner has proven to be a formidable force. Still, supporters feared the worst when he hobbled off the field during practice before his nation’s opening match against Australia.

Benzema has been sidelined due to muscular fatigue of his left leg. (Source: sportingnews.com)

The Real Madrid forward left Saturday’s practice with a limp due to a thigh injury. After scans in Doha on Saturday night revealed Benzema had pain in his left quadriceps, the French team announced the bad news on Twitter.

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The striker missed Real Madrid’s final four La Liga games before the World Cup due to an unrelated muscular ailment, but he was back in the lineup for training three days before the tournament began.



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