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Is TI Son King Harris Gay? Gender And Sexuality Revealed

With the rising popularity of King Harris, TI’s son, many people are showing interest in his gender and sexuality as they keep searching if he is gay. Let’s find out

King Harris was born into a family of celebrities in 2004, making him 19.

Furthermore, following his parents’ footsteps, he debuted in the rapping industry with his single Father Like Son.

Besides that, he is a social media influencer with a fan following of 857K.

He has also appeared in the T.V. show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, which is a reality that shows the lifestyle of American rapper T.I.’s family.

As he is a famous media personality, many people get interested in his personal life.

Recently, his gay rumor has been making his fans curious, and they want to know whether King Harris is gay or not. L

Is King Harris Gay? Truth Busted!

In the latest T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle season, viewers noticed that King Harris was missing.

After the disappearance of King Harris, his fans started getting curious about his personality, which led to the rumor of him being gay.

However, King Harris has never confirmed or even talked about his sexuality rumor about being gay.

King Harris in his studio posing for a picture.
King Harris has spent a few days in prison. (Source: Instagram)

Besides that, King Harris has never posted anything on his Instagram that might suggest him being gay.

But the rumor began at King Harris’s school, where he allegedly is in a gay relationship with a classmate.

It caught fire and was even worse when speculations about his pictures and videos were leaked on social media.

T.I. wanted to protect the reputation of the show and did not want his son, King Harris, to be called gay as per the rumors.

Nevertheless, neither T.I. nor King Harris has confirmed these rumors, but T.I. spoke about why he was not continuing the show.

King Harris in a black and white picture.
King Harris lives in a hood with his grandmother. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, T.I. even confirmed that the producers offered the 19-year-old an excellent amount to continue on the show, but he turned it down.

The show’s producers even asked King Harris to make a guest appearance, but he denied again.

Additionally, King Harris is making music and releasing his first single, which could be why he didn’t want to appear on the show and make something of his name.

Almost three months ago, T.I. and King Harris had a heated argument at the Atlanta Falcons Game. This could also be the reason behind the rumors.

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Relationship Between Son King Harris And Father TI&

In November 2023, King Harris went live on his Instagram account, where his father stepped in.

King Harris was talking about his family, including his father. He went on to say that his father is not his biological father.

And this is when T.I. stepped in and said,

I stand business.

King Harris even revealed that he lived with his maternal grandmother and never received good parenting from his father.

King Harris Rapping on the stage.
King Harris’s mother’s name is Tiny, aka Tameka Harris. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, T.I. only lets their children live with him and his wife, Tiny, when the T.V. show shoots.

This could be another reason for King Harris not continuing the show and the gay rumors.

Recently, he went to a restaurant where he was live on his Instagram.

The rapper started shouting at a restaurant staff for not treating him well.

King even said he wanted to be treated like a celebrity son, not a random person.

Later, police arrested him. Upon his arrest, T.I. said,

I know my son. Think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his mama and his grandmama? His ass is going to prison … if he keeps this s— up, his ass is going to prison.

Until now, the relationship between the father and son is not great, but they have kept their beef aside for King Harri’s first single release.

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