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Leila Molana-Allen Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Iranian Reporter?

With the ongoing situation in the Middle East, many reporters who are risking their are getting praise. Among these, Leila Molana-Allen is also one, and fans want to know more through her Wikipedia.

Leila Molana-Allen is a journalist who was born and raised in London.

However, her roots are in Iran, and she has a unique multicultural background.

Currently, Leila is working as a Special Correspondent for PBS Newshour and giving her best to give true reports to the viewers.

As such, Leila Molana-Allen is in the headlines for her amazing coverage of the events going on in the Middle East, making fans curious about herself and her Wikipedia.

Leila Molana-Allen Wikipedia: Education, Multilingual Skills, And Career In Journalism

Leila Molana-Allen does not have a Wikipedia page, but we have some details about her through her various social media accounts.

Leila’s journey in journalism began with her education.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Ancient and Modern History from the prestigious University of Oxford.

Later, she went on to get her Master of Science degree in journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Leila Molana-Allen seems like she enjoys traveling around the world for her work. (Source: Instagram)

After her education, her career as a journalist officially began as an intern.

She did many internships at companies like Al Jazeera Media Network, the United Nations, and DNAinfo.

Her first job as an employee was as a reporter for the company ‘PoliticsHome.’

After that, she took the job of a video journalist at The Economist, which was a turning point for her.

This was when she started to report from various places all around the world on various important issues.

Meanwhile, Leila’s strongest quality as a journalist is her impressive language skills.

She speaks in four languages: English, French, Arabic, and Farsi.

Reporter Leila Allen
Reporter Leila Molana-Allen shares that she enjoys her work as a journalist. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, the reporter is known for sharing very limited information about her personal life.

Since Leila Molana-Allen does not have a Wikipedia page, details about her birth date are also not available.

However, based on the details about her education and career history, we can assume that she is in her mid-thirties as of 2023.

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Leila Molana-Allen: From Freelance Journalist To Acclaimed Middle East Correspondent

After gaining a lot of experience by working under many well-known companies, Leila Molana-Allen decided to work as a freelance journalist.

She is famous for her unique style of reporting through video storytelling.

Especially from locations like Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Turkey, and the Central African Republic.

Later, Leila decided to work under France 24 as a Middle East Correspondent.

Some of her well-known works for the company include hunting down ISIS commanders and the impact of earthquakes and airstrikes in North-West Syria.

Leila Molana-Allen Wikipedia
Leila Molana-Allen is very active on her social media and loves sharing fun pictures. (Source: Instagram)

Not only that, she has also covered Israel’s military assault on the Jenin camp and the activities of Palestinian militant groups in the West Bank.

For years, Leila was also reporting for Beirut, Lebanon, where her main topic of discussion was about the political and social issues in the Middle East.

Another important topic she reports on is the forced displacement of Syrian refugees and the struggles of civilians under siege in Syria.

Her recent works in such a tough and risky area in the Middle East are getting praise.

Meanwhile, we hope that the Wikipedia page of Leila Molana-Allen, whenever it is made, will have more details about her personal life.

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