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Logan Paul Net Worth: YouTube Career, Lifestyle & Cars

Famous YouTuber, online personality, actor, and professional boxer Logan Alexander Paul has a net worth of $19 million as of May, 2024.

Logan Paul currently operates the YouTube channel named Logan Paul,” which, as of June 2021, has 23.2 million subscribers.

He also runs a podcast calledIMPAULSIVE on YouTube.

Mr. Paul was born on 1st April 1995 and grew up in Ohio, United States of America.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Logan started his career at the age of 10, creating content for a YouTube channel called “Zoosh.”

Logan Paul has also starred in various films and TV shows like  “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Bizaardvark,”The Thinning,” “The Thinning: New World Order,” etc. 

Furthermore, he made his boxing debut with an amateur match against Britain rapper and YouTuber Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, famously known as KSI.

In addition, Logan Paul also owns a merchandise company,Maverick Clothing,” selling clothes, hats, accessories, etc.

Logan Paul Quick Facts

Let’s find out some quick facts about Logan Paul:

Full Name Logan Alexander Paul
Age 29 years old 
Date of Birth April 1st, 1995
Birthplace Westlake, Ohio, USA
Father Gregory Allan Paul
Mother Pamela Ann Stepnick
Sibling Jake Paul
Grandfather Willbur R. “Spike” Meredith II
Girlfriend  Josie Canseco (ex-girlfriend)
Education Westlake High School
Profession YouTuber, Actor, Internet Personality,  Professional Boxer, and Entrepreneur
Net Worth $19 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion  Christianity
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 189.5 pounds
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Horoscope Aries
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

Logan Paul Income & Net Worth


Vine & YouTube

In 2013, Logan Paul started garnering huge popularity through the video-sharing platform Vine.

On 18th October 2013, he commenced his own YouTube channel, “TheOfficialLoganPaul.” 

Similarly, Logan started another YouTube channel, “Logan Paul,” on 29th August 2015. It’s his most subscribed channel.

He also started gaining a huge number of followers on his multiple social media handles.

When a video compiling Logan’s contents on Vine was posted on YouTube, it gained more than 4 million views on the same week of posting.

And, his Facebook videos accumulated more than 300 million views by October 2015.

Logan Paul came 10th in the most influential person on the Vine list in 2015.

From then on, he started earning massive amounts of money from advertising through his videos on Vine and YouTube.

After the video-sharing platform Vine shut down, Logan Paul started posting content on his YouTube channel frequently.

It is reported that Logan makes approximately $11 million annually from his YouTube channels.

From 2016 to 2018, he was reported to have earned $12 to $14 million.


Logan Paul only entered the boxing scene recently. However, he has already started earning a fortune from this.

Logan reportedly earned around $2 million from his first amateur boxing match against KSI, which was concluded in a draw.

Later, the rematch held at Staples Center, Los Angeles, resulted in Paul losing by split decision.

He earned about $3 million from this rematch broadcasted by DAZN USA.

On 6th June 2021, Logan went against a professional and undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather, in an exhibition match at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida.

He was to be paid $250,000 as of the base salary and 10 percent of the Pay-Per-View margin.

In addition, the pay-per-view subscription for the match was set at $49.99.

Logan had estimated that he would earn about $20 million through this match.

However, about $1 million people bought the pay-per-view subscription, and Logan received only about $5.25 million.

Maverick Clothing (Merchandise Company)

Besides YouTube and boxing, Logan Paul also operates a merchandise company called “Maverick Clothing.”

This company mostly sells clothes.

It was reported that the sales of this company crossed $40 million within only nine months from its opening.


Mr. Paul is also active as an actor at the same time, has released a few songs.

Net Worth

YouTuber, Logan Paul’s net worth accounts at $19 million. A huge portion of this net worth comes from his YouTube channels.

In January 2021, his channel “Logan Paul” came among the top 140 channels subscribed on YouTube.

Logan Paul House & Cars


Logan lived in an apartment in Hollywood along with his roommates Mark Dohner and Evan Eckenrode in 2015.

Afterward, he moved into a mansion in Encino, Los Angeles, in 2017 fall.

Logan bought this house for $6.55 million in October 2017.

The area of this mansion is 30,000 square feet. It has 14 rooms altogether, out of which five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

This mansion also has a swimming pool in the front yard. And Logan often refers to the mansion with a nickname, “Maverick House.”

Mr. Paul LA House
Mr. Paul LA House

Logan also purchased a desert ranch in December 2020 located in the San Jacinto Mountains, California.

It is said that drug lord Timothy Leary lived there in the 1960s.

This estate is compiled of the main house, a guest house, and some outhouses.


However, Logan declared his move to Dorado, Puerto Rico, in February 2021.

The reason behind the move was said to be the high tax rates in California.


From the above paragraphs, you may have predicted that Logan Paul is truly capable of enjoying several luxuries in his life. One of those luxuries is his cars.

Logan owns a total of four automobiles, to our knowledge.

First is the Polaris Slingshot worth $30,000. Logan bought this car as a birthday present for himself when he turned 24 years old.


The second car is the Dodge Challenger.

It seems that Logan uses this car as a ‘Merch Car’ because the color of the car changes each time, along with the t-shirts worn by him in pictures on his social media.


Logan’s third car is a Mercedes G Wagon worth $184,428. Logan uploaded a video of him introducing the car to his viewers on his YouTube channel.


Finally, the last automobile is called the ‘Cool Bus.’ It is a customized school bus.

Mr. Paul bought the school bus in 2017, and West Coast Customs did the customization.


Logan Paul Lifestyle and Vacations


Logan was born and raised in Westlake, Ohio, with his brother Jake Paul, a YouTuber and professional boxer.

He attended Westlake High School.

Logan has dated various well-known personalities in the past.

It was reported that Logan dated celebrities like Jessica Serfaty in 2015, Amanda Cerny from 2016 to 2017, Alissa Violet in 2017, Lydia Kenney in 2017, Chloe Bennet in 2018, and Jose Canseco in 2020.

He claims to be red-green colorblind.

Looking at the hefty sum of money Logan earns, we can assume that he lives a decent life without any prominent lack of resources to fulfill his needs.

Ever Heard of Jake Paul?


Logan loves to travel all around the world. He has visited numerous locations for vacations till now.

On 2nd July 2017, Logan posted a vlog of him and his friends going for a vacation in Hawaii.

Similarly, he traveled to Italy to surprise his brother in 2017.

He featured in his brother Jake Paul’s YouTube video titled “I Spent $1 Million On This Vacation,” which showed footage from their vacation to the United Kingdom in 2019.

Logan Paul Controversies

Suicide Forest Controversy

Logan was entangled in a controversy when he posted a video on his channel showing the corpse of a man who had hanged himself to death in Aokigahara, a.k.a the “suicide forest” located at the foot id Mount Fuji, Japan.

Many people criticized him for this act and deemed him insensitive.

After the controversy, he faced a series of backlashes from the YouTube community.

And, YouTube removed Logan’s channel from Google Preferred (a YouTube advertising program) on 9th January 2018.

Also, the sequel to his movie, The Thinning,” called The Thinning: New World Order, was put on hold.

Similarly, the airing of his digital TV series, “Logan Paul VS.,” was stopped.

He also got dismissed from the fourth season of the YouTube Red series, Foursome.”

It is reported that Logan lost an enormous part of his income due to this controversy.

Other Controversies

All advertising on his channel was suspended by YouTube due to multiple incidents of misbehavior, like taking a fish out of his pond to give it CPR jokingly and tasering dead rats on his videos.

These events also may have caused prominent losses for Logan and his channel.

He also sparked another controversy due to his insensitive remarks on homosexuality, saying that he would attempt to go gay for one month.

Furthermore, Planeless Pictures sued Logan in December 2020, accusing him of purposely causing the suicide forest controversy to run away from a contract he made with them.

Consequently, this made Google suspend its contract with the company, and the company had to face a $3 million debt.

The deal was about Logan writing, producing, and starring in Planeless Pictures’s film, “Airplane Mode.”

This lawsuit against him also may have resulted in some losses or at least forfeiture of some revenue.

Did you know Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake Paul?

Logan Paul Charity

In light of the suicide forest controversy, Logan Paul announced that he would be donating $1 million to various suicide prevention agencies.

He also participated in a charity track-field event called “Challenger Games.”


Also, Logan raised $130,000 to support organizations working in the mental health sector through a live stream of him unboxing a Pokemon Booster Box.

Logan Paul Movies & Endorsements

Movies & TV shows

Logan Paul featured in a TV series called “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in 2015

Likewise, he flaunted his acting skills in TV series likeBizaardvark,”Weird Loners,”  “Stitchers,” etc. 

Logan starred in the main role for three seasons of “Foursomebut was cut off from the fourth season.

Logan’s movie list consists of “The Thinning,” The Thinning: New World Order,Airplane Mode, “The Space Between Us,” etc.


Logan has participated in advertisement campaigns for huge brands like  HanesPepsiCo, HBO, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.

Likewise, he charges about $80,000 for any sponsored content to be posted on his Instagram, and the rate of the same is reported to be $150,000 for his Facebook account. 

Logan Paul Career

Logan currently owns multiple YouTube channels, out of which the Logan Paul channel and the IMPAULSIVE podcast are the most active and popular.

As already mentioned above, he has also participated in various TV shows and movies as an actor.

Logan’s debut single “2016” was released in 2016.

Similarly, “Help Me Help You” (featuring Why Don’t We), “Outta My Hair,” “No Handlebars,” “Santa Diss Track,” “The Number Song,” and “Going Broke” are some of his singles. 

Logan is 0-1 as a professional boxer. He lost to YouTuber KSI in a rematch held at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

3 Facts about Logan Paul

  • Logan Paul qualified for the state-level Wrestling Individual Championships in Division I of the Ohio High School Athletic Association 2013.
  • He was studying Industrial engineering at the Ohio University, but he dropped out to fully follow a career in social media.
  • The name of Logan’s pet parrot is ‘Maverick.’


Who is richer, Jake or Logan Paul?

According to republicworld.com, Jake Paul is richer than Logan, mostly due to his successful boxing career.

Who is Logan Paul married to?

Logan is single. He dated Josie Canseco most recently in 2020.

How did Logan Paul lose?

Logan lost to YouTuber KSI  in a rematch by split decision.



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