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Barry Weiss Net Worth: Career & Vintage Cars

Barry Weiss is an  American reality TV star and professional storage treasure hunter whose net worth is $12 million as of May, 2024.

Barry Weiss is best known as a cast member of a reality television show called storage wars which is the best show on the A&E network.

He was on the show from season one to four.

Besides acting, he is also a prominent businessman.

Before his appearance on tv shows, he owned a profitable company named Northern Produce.

Barry Weiss
Barry Weiss

Northern Produce was regarded as a successful company before his retirement.

Barry Weiss became famous for his brilliant emergence in storage wars.

Not only in storage wars he has also appeared in Barry’d treasure series which mainly focuses on him.

In the Storage Wars, people remembered him as a collector and who became a legend of the show.

Quick Facts

Full Name Barry Weiss
Birth Date 11th February 1959
Birth Place Demarest, New Jersey
Weight 75 kg (165.347 lbs)
Height 5’5 (168 cm)
Father’s Name Hy Weiss
Mother’s Name Rosalyn Weiss
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Marital Status Divorce
Children Two(Julie and son Jack)
College Cornell University
Profession The reality star, TV Personality, Antique Collector, Business Man
Net Worth $12 Million
Horoscope Aquarius
Social Media Facebook, Twitter
Last Update May,2024

Net Worth And Income

The main source of Barry Weiss’s income includes his work as a professional treasure hunter and reality television show.

His net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be $12 million.

Barry is very much obsessed with the collection of antiques.

He earns a huge income by collecting vintage treasures.

Barry Weiss also earns from his enterprises. He has a large property in Beverly Hills Los Angeles CA.

Before debuting in a reality show he used to run Northern Produce company which was regarded as a successful company at that time.

Barry Weiss was also the CEO of Universal Public Records. He later resigned to play in Storage Wars.

He used to charge $10,000 per episode as one of the best cast of reality show Storage Wars.

After casting for four seasons, he was seen in his spin-off series with A&E titled Barry’d Treasure.

Barry Weiss House

The television show star Barry Weiss has a sizeable mansion in Los Angeles. The house was built in 1928.

He has a very luxurious house in Los Angeles which is estimated to be $2 million.

His house is just across the house of great American actress  Natalie Portman.

Barry Weiss House (source: Flickr)

The main residence of  Barry Weiss consists of four beautiful bedrooms.

It is designed in a very antique Spanish style. The house consists of a vintage TV antenna on its roof.

He lives in a very luxurious area in Los Angeles.

Barry Weiss Cars

Barry Weiss has the most unique collections of cars. We all know he is fond of antiques.

That is why he has a 1947 Cowboy Cadillac which is his best vintage car.

Barry Weiss Cars (source: American muscle car guide )

He is also seen riding Ford COE Truck. which is the best model of 1940. It is a Pickup truck with a unique exterior design.

Barry Weiss Ford COE Car (source: Drivetribe)

Barry Weiss is famous for riding the Beatnik Glass Top Car of 1955 a very famous vintage car designed by Gary ‘Chopit’ Fioto.

It took three years to fully build and has a bubble roof which is the best feature of this car.

Barry Weiss Bubbletop Car (source: Dribetribe)

Barry enjoys traveling mostly in The GranTurismo. The sports car was developed in conjunction with Ferrari and has a top speed of 177 mph.

He also owns the replica of  Tim Burton Batmobile.

He has one of the iconic batmobile cars of all time in his collections.

Although he is much interested in antiques, He also has a Ducati Diavel which has a top speed of 272km/hr.

Barry Weiss Lifestyle and Vacations


We all know Barry Weiss is a treasure hunter and an actor. He has collected many antiques till now.

He has a passion for finding antiques rather than fame and money. Barry also has vintage cars as one of his best collections.

He owns around $500,000 worth of cars and bikes.

Barry’s passion for work is incredible. He loves his work as much as he loves his antique cars and bikes.

Barry Weiss in a Bubbletop Car (source: sarcasm)

He has a very classic and calm personality. That is the reason his fans love him so much.

Barry Weiss has the best sense of dressing. His fans are well aware of the clothes he wears. Weiss is who he is because of the way he dresses.

Barry usually wears Davinci bowling shirts. He is obsessed with Pendleton’s brand jacket and it is a way more expensive brand.

He wears James West Coast Choppers glasses which are very rare and hard to find.

Barry also makes money from Jive Records as a president.

He has enough wealth to live a comfortable lifestyle.

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After retiring from the production world Barry traveled to exotic places all over the world.

After returning back he started his passion for collecting antiques.

Barry Weiss appeared in 89 of the 275 episodes aired to date.

His departure from the show made his fans sad.  Barry is normally seen in meet and greet events in different parts of the country. He enjoys spending time with his fans on his off-duty.

Barry was seen in Eagle Casino and Hotel in an event organized for the fans and his well-wishers.

As he became the spoke person of Sherwood Valley Casino he enjoys spending time with his business partners in that casino.

Barry -Weiss- vacations
Barry Weiss in Seminole Casino

He normally spends his free time at his home. Barry enjoys collecting antiques while he is on his vacations.


Barry Weiss is an entrepreneur and a reality tv show star.

He is also known by the name collector by his fans and well-wishers as he enjoys collecting antiques and vintage pieces.

Tv shows & Investments

Tv shows

Barry Weiss was one of the casts of Motorcycle Mania which was directed by Hugh King in 2005.

It is a sports documentary related to bikes and bike riders that features other actors like Jesse James who is the godson of Barry Weiss and Kid Rock.

He then came into a rise in 2010 after featuring in Storage Wars. But he was on the show for only four seasons. Barry appeared in 89 of the 275 episodes aired to date.

Storage Wars Team
Storage Wars Team

Barry Weiss also featured in Barry’d Treasure.

It is an American reality television series that premiered on March 18, 2014.


Before appearing on TV shows, Barry was the co-owner of renowned Northern Produce. He was already wealthy before he appeared on the show.

After a successful 25 years, he sold the company. The profit of the sale was enough for barry to live his retired life in luxury.

He invested a huge amount in precious assets. Barry earns millions of dollars from antiques he discovers.


Barry Weiss used to search and collect antiques since he was 15 years old. He has a great passion for hunting valuable assets.

He started his earning career as a co-owner of Northern Produce.

Later he sold that company and started featuring in the TV Show Storage Wars.

Weiss made his debut in 2010.

The viewers of the Storage Wars were entertained by his performance in the show.  Barry left the show after featuring for only four seasons.

His fans and well-wishers were sad about his departure from the show. Later he confessed that he is interested in going back to being a professional slacker.

Barry Weiss comeback with his own show Barry’d Treasure which featured on A$E in 2014. It has one season with eight episodes.

Barry'd Treasure
Barry’d Treasure (source: tv passport)

Besides he has stated that he might come up with a Motorsport show in the near future as he has is interested in cars and bikes.

Barry became the spokesperson of Sherwood Valley Casino in 2019.

3 Facts About Barry Weiss

  • Barry Weiss was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. He suffered many injuries including leg trauma, chest, broken bones, and major internal injuries. In order to recover he had to go through major surgeries on his back and femur.
  • Barry was married before he became famous. The identity of his ex-wife is unknown or no information about their relationship has been revealed. He doesn’t like to talk about his personal life.
  • Barry is a family man despite breaking up with his ex-wife he has a son named Jack and a daughter named Julie. He also has a godson Jesse James.


Where did Barry Weiss get his money?

Before featuring in a TV reality show Barry was the owner of the Produce business called Northern Produce. He made a fortune in that business after working for 25 years. Later he sold the business to follow his passion to focus on storage hunting.

How much does Barry Weiss make per episode?

Barry used to charge more than $10000 per episode. He is famous for his hard work and passion. Nowadays he’s been busy resting and recovering.



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