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Loren Ridinger Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Co-Founder Of Market America

Recently, a video where Jennifer Lopez and her good friend Loren were seen dancing in pajamas broke the internet. The hilarious pajama dance video is why netizens are scouring the internet for details about Loren Ridinger and her Wikipedia.

Jlo and Loren are longtime pals and are seen hanging out more than often. They first met through their husbands, Marc Anthony and J.R. Ridinger.

However, this time, it was Loren’s birthday, as she turned 55 this past Tuesday.

The pair danced on top of a bed wearing green silk pajamas that had a printed zebra pattern along with black shades in the shape of a pit bull.

Lopez and Ridinger have known each other for many years; Lopez and Ben Affleck even attended J.R. Ridinger’s memorial celebration in Miami Beach, Florida.

J.R. Ridinger, Loren’s husband, was the CEO of Market America, who died of a pulmonary embolism in August 2022 at the age of 63.

Since her husband’s death, Loren has taken over the reins of the company and is running the company as a member of the board.

However, even after so much success, fame, and money, Loren Ridinger still does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Loren Ridinger Wikipedia And Age

Loren Ridinger was born on November 21, 1968, in Queens, New York, United States. She is a widow and is currently 55 years old.

Her ethnicity is not certain; however, we know that she follows Christianity as her religion.

Loren has black eyes and blonde hair and is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 58 kilograms.

Furthermore, she is an American entrepreneur with an extensive business resume.

Loren Ridinger Wikipedia at Market America Conference.
Loren is not fond of Flying even though she has to travel a lot by Plane. (Source: Instagram)

The most notable of her business ventures are undoubtedly Market America and Shop.com.

Additionally, she is also an investor in the cosmetic business and has founded Motives Cosmetics, a sister concern under Market America, established in 2008.

Again, Loren also launched a luxurious skincare product line called Cellular Laboratories.

Loren’s other ventures include Fixx, another of her daily beauty solution products that sells shampoo and conditioners.

Loren and her husband were not born rich; instead, it was their determination to succeed and their talent for sales and marketing that made them reach high society.

Currently, Wikipedia has not yet dedicated a page for Loren and J.R. Ridinger.

However, the business of Loren Ridinger, Market America, does appear to have a Wikipedia page on the site.

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A Peek At Loren Ridinger’s Love Life, Children, And Family

Loren and J.R. first met each other when they were just strugglers, and the empire that we see today is the result of the couple’s hard work and dedication.

Initially, Loren sold hearing aids, workout equipment, and stain removers at a company called T.V. Ventures.

During this time, J.R. was a well-established sales consultant who, according to Loren, enthralled audiences and motivated people to join his sales force.

Loren and her husband J.R Ridinger at an event.
Loren has two younger brothers and one older sister. (Source: Instagram)

J.R. was often referred to as the “Maestro of a Salesman.”

After a while, the couple decided to start a business together in Greensboro, North Carolina.

These were the initial days of Market America. Since then, the company has seen exponential growth and has become a unicorn company, making Loren and J.R. millionaires.

The couple has three kids together and has lived happily exploring numerous business ventures under the parent firm, Market America.

Loren in her wedding times.
Loren’s favorite place in the world is New York City. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, in 2022, J.R. Ridinger died of a pulmonary embolism, which marked the end of a three-decade-long love affair between the couple.

Since then, Loren has been single and has focused more on preserving her late husband’s legacy and spending time with her three children.

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