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Is Rapper Luh Tyler Gay? Gender And Sexuality

The young new rapper Luh Tyler has been on every headling since his rise to fame after his song Law and Order went viral on TikTok. Let us discuss the rumors surrounding his sexuality, like is Luh Tyler gay?

Luh Tyler is a young rapper who has left hip-hop fans all over America amazed with his brilliant skills.

Tyler’s first hit was his famous song Law and Order, which he made by using the music app ‘Bandlab.’

He is a member of the supergroup ProjectX, which is based in St. Louis.

Luh Tyler was born on November 12, 2002, in Chicago, Illinois.

The 20-year-old rapper has about 71.1k followers on his Instagram handle ‘@LifeWLuhKel.’

But this time around, the rapper Luh Tyler is grabbing netizens’ attention for being gay rumors.

Fans’ Speculations About Sexuality: Is Luh Tyler Gay?

Luh Tyler is currently in talks regarding his sexuality and his choices when it comes to his love life.

Some of his fans are making assumptions that Luh Tyler might be a gay person.

Luh Tyler pose
Luh Tyler has this charming presence in each one of his music videos. (Source: Instagram)

The rumors began because of Luh’s choices to keep his dating life private.

Luh Tyler has never disclosed any of his previous partners on any of his social media platforms or has been in rumors surrounding any link-ups.

This secrecy left many fans assuming that he should be into guys and might have a secret boyfriend.

However, there is no proof to prove the speculations true and no verification from the artist of his team.

Meanwhile, Luh Tyler has written songs in which he references his attraction towards the female gender.

Luh Tyler gay
Luh Tyler has become a sensation among young hip-hop fans. (Source: Instagram)

This suggests that, as of now, Luh Tyler has only shown interest in females publically.

Luh’s music videos also only consist of female models as his love interest.

Most of his actions suggest that he is a straight person and is into girls.

However, it is important to note that Luh Tyler is still very young and is still discovering himself.

It is very wrong to just assume his sexuality and gender without him revealing anything.

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Respecting Privacy: Luh Tyler’s Journey In The Spotlight

Many people hesitate when it comes to coming out as their true selves because it is still a taboo subject in many communities.

It is necessary to respect a public figure’s privacy and let them decide when they want to come forward with their true identity.

Even if Luh Tyler is gay, it is up to him to decide if he wants people to acknowledge him as that.

Till then, Luh Tyler has been working on more and more projects, proving his amazing skills in rap.

Luh Tyler
Fans think that Luh Tyler has the ability to reach heights like famous rappers like Drake. (Source: Instagram)

Even though he is of legal age now, he is comparatively younger than his other fellow hip-hopers.

It’s okay for people to find themselves later in life after going through a long self-discovery journey.

Gender and sexuality are a very sensitive topic and often, queer people themselves are very confused about to which community they belong.

Celebrities such as Katlyn Jenner, a renowned sports champion and a reality TV personality, are great examples of that.

She only went open up about her real gender identity in her 70s, after living decades in front of the public eye.

Luh Tyler will eventually decide how to address these rumors or to come forward if he is gay.

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