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Maura Dhu Wikipedia, Nationality, Ethnicity: Bio Of Wes Studi Wife

As the fan following of Oscar-winning American actor Wes Studi continues to grow each year, many have shown interest in the Wikipedia of his wife, Maura Dhu Studi.

Maura Dhu Studi is a multifaced American talent recognized as an actress, producer, and writer.

Her captivating performances in different movies and TV shows have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Some of her renowned works include The Lives of Angles (2007), Defending the Fire (2017), and However Wide the Sky: Places of Power (2021).

Meanwhile, Maura’s contributions to the industry extend beyond acting, with her involvement in film production and writing.

Moreover, she is widely recognized as the wife of American actor and film producer Wes Studi.

However, in recent times, the Wikipedia of Maura Dhu Studi has gained much attention from people globally.

Maura Dhu Studi Wikipedia: Biography Of The American Actress

Despite the great contribution of Maura Dhu Studi to the entertainment industry, Wikipedia is far from dedicating her to a page.

So, the following article will provide you with a deep insight into the life of Maura Dhu Studi with information relevant to Wikipedia.

Maura Dhu Studi was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 17, 1956, with the name Maura Dhu Albertson.

Fast forward to 2024, she is currently 67 years old.

She was born in an American family of Jack Albertson (father) and June Wallace Thomson (mother) and holds an American nationality.

Maura Dhu captured with her husband during an event.
Maura Dhu had an early interest in singing and acting. (Source: City News)

Growing up in a middle-class family, Maura learned the value of hard work and patience from a very young age.

However, details of her parents and other family members are not publicly available, but she grew up in a supportive family in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, while growing up, she completed her schooling at the Oakwood School in Los Angeles.

Later, after graduating from high school, Maura went on to pursue her passion for acting and started training for it.

During her training, she attended various film institutes, including HB Studio and Strasberg Institute.

In addition to her acting, she also trained her voice with several singing legends like Giuseppe Blastrieri, Phil Moore, and Marni Nixon.

Nevertheless, Maura’s early passion for the entertainment industry helped her lay the foundation for her future career.

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Details On Maura Dhu Studi Entertainment Industry Career

Maura Dhu Studi stepped into the industry in 1974 after appearing in a TV series, Marcus Welby, M.D.

After her first appearance, she took a long break from the industry and reappeared in a 2007 movie, The Lives of Angeles.

Apart from acting, Maura also ventured into film writing in 2009 with a short movie, Goodnight My Zombies.

Meanwhile, she continued her acting career and appeared in short movies like Taco Valley (2014) and Girls Night Out (2017).

Maura Dhu captured with her husband and another man.
Maura Dhu Studi has been in the entertainment industry for over 50 years. (Source: Facebook)

Further, she forayed into film production as an associate producer for However Wide the Sky: Places of Power (2021) and Defending the Fire (2017).

Her works showcased her commitment to bringing stories to life from behind the screen.

However, since 2021, Maura has not appeared in the industry, but her past works reflect her talent and commitment to the entertainment world.

And let’s hope Wikipedia will soon recognize the contribution of Maura Dhu Studi and dedicate a page to her.

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Meet Maura Dhu Studi’s Husband And Children

In the context of Maura Dhu Studi’s relationship, she is married to a fellow American actor and producer, Wes Stud.

The couple tied the knot in 1990 after Wes Studi separated from his past relationship with his first wife, Rebecca Graves.

Maura’s husband, Wes, is a prominent figure in the entertainment world, widely recognized for his noteworthy contributions.

Maura captured with her husband and another man.
Maura and Wes Studi have been in a married relationship for more than 33 years. (Source: Facebook)

He has also received numerous critical acclaims and awards throughout his career.

Meanwhile, the couple shared a son named Kholan Studi, born in New Mexico on September 29, 1993.

Kholan works as a professional horse trainer and an actor who has appeared in different theater shows.

Moreover, the couple lives in their family home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, sharing an unbreakable bond.

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