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Melissa Turner Wikipedia Age: How Old Is Cosplay Model Now?

The cosplayer turned murder convict, Melissa Turner shocked many with her heinous crime, and now people wonder about her Wikipedia.

Melissa Turner was a resident of Tampa Bay, Florida, where she started as a cosplayer on the internet.

The semi-famous personality later turned into a camgirl until her crimes in 2019.

Further, Turner called the cops, claiming she stabbed her fiance to death in self-defense.

Her fiance, Matthew Trussler, was a Massachusetts native, and the couple met on an online dating app, Tinder.

Recently, many wonder about the whereabouts of Melissa Turner as they search for her Wikipedia page.

Melissa Turner Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

In relation to major crime, people are curious and search for the Wikipedia of Melissa Turner.

Born on November 25, 1992, Melisa Rose Turner grew up in North Carolina and later moved to Florida.

Further, Turner suffered abuse at a young age at the hands of a relative.

This drove her to find peace in compulsive eating, which led her to struggle with obesity.

Melissa Turner case
Turner wanted to build a stable life with her fiance. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, she was the target of bullying at school, which affected her mental well-being.

As years passed by, Turner obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business and worked hard to shed over 100 pounds.

Likewise, she then decided to establish her career in the entertainment industry.

The aspiring actress actually competed in cosplay competitions and even worked as an amateur model.

Despite the lack of Wikipedia, reports state that Melissa Turner operated a couple of online blogs.

Her blogs featured Turner cosplaying as various characters, such as Daphne from Scooby Doo and Misty from Pokemon.

Moreover, Turner allegedly only had explicit content in one of her blogs.

But, as she achieved more success, her personality changed, according to Turner’s ex. Cameron.

Melissa Turner fiance
Turner initially denied her crimes during interrogation. (Source: Facebook)

Nonetheless, she met with her fiance, Matthew, and they lived together in a two-story, four-bedroom home that they’d bought.

The couple was looking forward to building a happy, healthy, stable life hand in hand.

However, things did not go as planned, as an unexpected argument led to her fiance bleeding to death.

Further, the incident caused sentence of Turner, leaving people in disbelief of the crime.

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Melissa Turner’s Age: How Old Is The Cosplay Model Now?

After her arrest, many were focused on the age of Melissa Turner, including her Wikipedia.

The criminal offender is 31 years old as of 2023 and is serving time at Lowell Correctional Institution.

Further, the cosplay model was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of her fiance.

However, during the trial, Turner claimed that Matthew woke her up in the middle of the night while he was intoxicated.

Melissa Turner mugshot
Turner used to post online blogs and cosplays. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, a fight broke out between the couple, and her fiance choked Turner.

Likewise, she told the court that she was afraid Matthew was going to kill her, so she grabbed the blade and stabbed him.

However, investigators found surveillance footage that proved Turner’s claims wrong.

According to Law & Crime, officials questioned why the accused waited four hours to report her fiance’s death.

Further, suspicion grew as Turner changed narrative mere hours after the deputies arrived at the scene.

Later, Turner testified she didn’t know how he’d gotten several slashes when she recalled stabbing him only once.

Melissa murder case
Turner faced abuse in early childhood. (Source: Twitter)

The authorities could not put her story together as she mentioned later that Matthew often hallucinated and self-harmed as if to suggest he’d killed himself.

Despite all the lies, the police had enough evidence to sentence her.

In 2022, the court sentenced Turner to 20.5 years in jail for her crimes.

According to state prison records, her current release date is April 27, 2042.

This means that Melissa Turner will be out of prison by the time she reaches the age of 50.

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