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Does Philip Chism Crime Has A Documentary In Netflix?

Among many disturbing cases, the incident involving high schooler, Philip Chism remains one of the most brutal. Now, people want an in-depth story of the case as they search for the Netflix documentary of Philip Chism documentary.

Philip Chism was born on January 21, 1999, and lived in Tennessee with his two siblings.

In the fall of 2013, Chism moved to Danvers where he wasn’t that well known at school apart from being a good soccer player.

Further, reports described him as “anti-social” and “really tired and out of it all.”

Growing up, Chism had a rough childhood due to his parent’s constant fights.

Later, his parents got divorced and his mother had constant breakdowns leading to constant hospitalization.

This had a lasting effect on young Chism and his worldly perspective.

In fact, in 2013, Chism was caught by officials while running away after killing his mathematics teacher.

Thus, at present, people have grown curious about the incident and want a Netflix documentary on Philip Chism.

The High School Freshman Who Murdered A Teacher In School Bathroom

The case of Philip Chism seems like a story straight out of a Netflix true crime documentary.

Colleen Ritzer was a bright, friendly, and well-liked math teacher at Danvers High School.

In October 2013, Ritzer stayed after school as she often did to offer extra help to any students who may have needed it.

Further, Philip Chism was one of these students who was very quiet and shy.

Philip Chism school
Chism had recently moved to Danvers from Tennessee before his crime. (Source: Twitter)

But when Ritzer tried to ask him about his move to Danvers he grew upset and she changed the subject.

Later, Chism followed as Ritzer got up to go to the bathroom.

He was seen on CCTV footage pulling out a box cutter and putting on gloves before entering the bathroom.

Moreover, Chism approached Ritzer from behind, stabbing her 16 times and then raping her.

The young killer did not stop there as he brought her out into the woods in a bin where he slit her throat.

Chism then changed into a new set of clothes that he had brought with him that day to school.

Further, he went to Wendy’s and then to a movie using Ritzer’s stolen credit cards.

Philip Chism teacher
Ritzer had just begun her career as a teacher when she was killed. (Source: Twitter)

When nobody saw Chism or Ritzer after school, students reported both of them missing.

After speaking with students and staff at the school, police found blood in the bathroom, Ritzer’s bag, and the bloody recycling bin.

Later that day, police acquired footage and caught Chism walking along the side of a highway.

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Does Philip Chism Crime Has A Documentary In Netflix?

After his arrest, investigators found a bloody box cutter, Ritzer’s driver’s license, and a pair of her underwear in Chism’s possession.

In February 2016, the court sentenced Chism to serve a lifetime in prison.

Now, as one of the most disturbing cases, many wonder if the Philip Chism case has a Netflix documentary.

However, the answer to the question is no. Philip Chism does not have a Netflix documentary.

Philip murder case
The court reduced his sentence as Chism was only 14 at the time. (Source: Twitter)

But there are many explanation videos and true crime episodes dedicated to the case.

Further, the family and former students of Colleen Ritzer have made a documentary in her memory.

Looking back at Chism’s trial, there were claims that he was suffering from severe mental illness and wasn’t criminally responsible for his actions.

Further, a psychiatrist testified that he was hearing voices even while killing Ritzer.

Chism’s mother, Diane, cried quietly as the judge sentenced him.

Moreover, she released a statement expressing her condolences to Ritzer’s family.

Nonetheless, the case of Philip Chism remains one of the bone-chilling crimes in the history of America.

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