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Michaela Coel Parents: Father Derek Kwesi Coel And Mother

Both of Michaela Coel parents are Ghanaian. They immigrated to London before the star was born. Find out more about the “I May Destroy You” creator’s mom and dad below.

Michaela Coel is one of the most accomplished personalities in the British entertainment industry. The Ghanaian-British actress has been active in the industry since 2013.

During her prosperous career spanning over a decade, the gorgeous lady has marked her name as an actress, filmmaker, singer, and composer.

The versatile performer is widely admired for creating and starring in the E4 series “Chewing Gum,”  which ran from 2015 to 2017. The filmmaker received BAFTA Award for her role in the sitcom.

Likewise, Coel won the British Academy Television Award for Best Actress in 2021 for creating and starring in the HBO/BBC One comedy-drama “I May Destroy You.”

With all that said about the renowned actress, let’s take a detailed look at her personal life and get to know more about her parents, siblings, and family background.

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Michaela Coel Parents: Father Derek Kwesi Coel And Mother 

Michaela Coel was born on 1 October 1987 to her father, Derek Kwesi Coel, and mother, Kwenua Osborne.

Both of the Chewing Gum star’s parents were from Ghana. They immigrated to London even before Michaela was born. The actress grew up with her mother and elder sister around the East London council estate.

Michaela Coel Parents
Michaela Coel (in pink dress) with her father, Derek Kwesi Coel, and grandmother, Jemima Andam, in Ghana. (Image Source: Vogue)

According to her IMDb profile, her mother is a devout follower of the Pentecostal church. The filmmaker revealed that her mom instilled religious beliefs in Michaela and her sister.

The British-Ghanaian artist attended Catholic schools in East London. She once disclosed that she bullied other students throughout primary school since she was the only black student in her age group, which she claimed led to her isolation.

The isolation reportedly ended in the comprehensive school where she attended high school. In an interview with Vogue, the writer-director described her bond with her mom in a loving way. They share a solid bond.

Moreover, Michaela also shares a close bond with her father and paternal grandmother. Despite her busy schedule, she never misses the chance to visit her dad and grandmother, Jemima Andam, in Accra, Ghana.

Michaela Coel Mother Kwenua Osborne Is A Nurse

Michaela Coel’s mother, Kwenua Osborne, is a mental health nurse. In addition, Kwenua is also an elegant woman who often accompanies her daughter at award shows and other public events.

The mother-daughter duo has an uncanny resemblance. Both have symmetrical faces, high cheekbones, and large almond-shaped eyes.

Michaela Coel Parents
Michaela Coel’s mother, Kwenua Osborne (in yellow dress), is a mental health nurse. (Image Source: The Irish News)

Many of Michaela’s fans might be aware that she created the comedy-drama series “I May Destroy You” based on her own experience of sexual abuse. The show was a huge hit.

However, for Coel’s mother, the series helped to find her own voice. As a result of her daughter’s unwavering series, Osborne felt inspired to open up about her own experience with sexual assault, a family secret she had all but buried her whole life.

Kwenua Osborne disclosed that she suffered abuse from someone she was familiar with as a child. The mental-health nurse said it was so inspiring her daughter turned her experience into a show.

The proud mother added that so many people saw it and were touched by it, and some of them came out saying, “This happened to me.”

“And because it touched me personally, I also had to come out and tell her (Michaela) everything,” remarked Kwenua Osborne.

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