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Is Molly Gordon Gay? Shiva Baby Actress Sexuality And Gender

When it comes to her love life, Molly Gordon is not new to being wrapped around in rumors, but fans now wonder if she is gay.

Molly Gordon is a popular American actress born on December 6, 1995.

Along with acting, Gordon is also a screenwriter and a director and has been in the industry since 2001.

She is known for her roles in Animal Kingdom, Life of the Party, Booksmart, Shiva Baby and The Bear.

Since an early age, Gordon has shown interest in theater and formed a group called the Theater Geeks of America with her friends.

Her performance in films has been well-received and has helped establish her as a talented actress.

Currently, the actress has been in talks about her sexuality, and people are wondering if Molly Gordon is gay.

Is Shiva Baby Actress Molly Gordon Gay?

It is quite difficult for celebrities to always be in the public eye.

Fans always discuss and speculate about their love life, and Molly Gordon is no exception.

Rumors about Gordon being gay have been going around since the release of the comedy film Shiva Baby.

Shiva Baby tells the story of Danielle, played by Rachel Sennott, who attends a Jewish funeral where she runs into her sugar daddy as well as her ex.

In the movie, Gordon plays the role of  Danielle’s ex-girlfriend, Maya.

Molly Gordon wearing a white dress
Molly had her directional debut this year with Theater Camp (Source: Instagram)

But this does not prove anything about Gordon’s sexuality, as actresses often have to blend in the character’s personality.

Not only this, she has never publicly spoken about the rumors regarding her sexuality.

Also, since this is a very sensitive topic, fans should know better than to make baseless assumptions.

Further, there is very little information available to the public that could back up the gay rumors.

Not long ago, there were speculations that Gordon was in a relationship with one of her childhood friends, Nick Lieberman.

This dating history, even if only a rumor, also suggests that Molly Gordon might not be gay.

Moreover, she has kept her current relationship status private. So, we can assume that she is single, but we will only ever know if she decides to open up.

Molly Gordon’s Dating History: Sexuality and Gender

There isn’t much information regarding Gordon’s past relationships.

Gordon has never directly revealed if she is dating someone or is in a relationship.

However, she once mentioned how one of her close friends was her boyfriend.

The 27-year-old actress reportedly dated Nick Lieberman for quite some time in the past.

Nick Lieberman and Molly Gordon pose in the mirror
Nick and Molly do look good together (Source: Instagram)

Nick Lieberman is a director, producer, and writer known for many music videos.

Both of them post pictures tagging each other. However, it is mostly related to their projects.

Neither Gordon nor Lieberman have confirmed their dating history and details.

So, it is unknown if they are still in a relationship or not.

Moreover, the speculation of Gordon’s relationship came after her interview in 2021 with Vulture.

She revealed that she was making music with her ex-boyfriend and childhood best friend.

People often say that Lieberman is Gordon’s partner. However, there is no solid proof of their romantic relationship.

Ben Platt and Molly Gordon dressed up for halloween
Molly and Ben share a platonic relationship (Source: Instagram)

Further, Gordon was once in love with Ben Platt even after he came out as gay.

The actress spoke on the matter,

He came out to me and didn’t want me, but I still tried for years

However, she moved on later, and so did Ben.

Ben Platt is now engaged to his partner Galvin and is still best friends with Gordon.

Moreover, Gordon often posts pictures with Ben and refers to him as her platonic lover.

The pair have recently worked in Theater Camp alongside Nick Lieberman. The comedy films mark the directional debut for both Gordon and Lieberman.

Despite their past situation, all of the actors are good friends and work together on many projects.

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