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20 Most Expensive Phones In The World

Let’s check out the Most expensive phone In The World as of May, 2024!!

There is not much in the society nowadays to which individuals are more devoted than their cell phones.

Mobile phones have become an essential component of our everyday lives.

Moreover, with current technological advancements, it appears that your phone can now perform all of the functions that your PC can.

There is no wonder, therefore, that your cell phone may be as expensive as it is.

Everyone who loves smartphones is well aware of the market’s most popular and costly iPhones and Samsung smartphones.

But you will be surprised to know that phones of other brands cost more than these popular brands in the market.

So, here is the list of 20 Most Expensive Phones In The World In 2021.

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Rank Name Price
1 Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond $48.5 million
2 Black Diamond iPhone 5 $15.3 Million
3 Stuart Hughes iPhone 4s Elite Gold $9.4 Million
4 Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition $8 million
5 Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme $3.2 Million
6 iPhone 3G Kings Button $2.5 Million
7 Diamond Crypto Smartphone $ 1.3 Million
8 Goldvish Le Million $1 Million
9 Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot $ 1 Million
10 Goldvish Revolution $ 448,000
11 Vertu Signature Cobra $ 310,000
12 VIPN Black Diamond $300,000
13 iPhone Princess Plus $176,000
14 Vertu Signature Diamond $88,000
15 Savelli Champagne Gold $ 57,000
16 Sirin Solarin $16,000
17 Vertu Aster P Gold $14,146
18 Goldvish Eclipse $7700
19 Caviar iPhone XS Max(Gold/Black) $7,160
20 Porsche Design Huawei Mate $2599

20 Most Expensive Phones In The World as of May, 2024.

The information is gathered from trusted sites such as wealthygorilla, and calcified.

20. Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 – $2599

Huawei’s most costly smartphone, the Porsche Design Mate 10, was released in October 2017.

The Porsche Design Mate 10 is equipped with the same specs as the Huawei Mate 10.

Most Expensive Phone In World Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10
Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10 (Source: Phone Genesis)

However, this smartphone is only available in Dimond Black and costs $2,599.

Thus, it has the Porsche Design interface as well as a custom-made leather casing.

19. Caviar iPhone XS Max(Gold/Black)

The unique Caviar iPhone XS series features a mechanical watch on one side and an iPhone on the other.

The black and gold XS Max will set you back at least $7,160.

Likewise, the body is grafted with polished titanium or gold graphics and images.

Furthermore, you can even order customized versions in a variety of hues, including pink gold, black gold, and titanium.

Therefore, the black gold variant is the most costly of all of them.

18. Goldvish Eclipse

Goldvish Eclipse is the newest edition of the luxe series, which was launched in May 2016 with a price of $7,700.

The phone comes with a 5.5-inch touchscreen that is still scratch-proof. Additionally, this phone operates on the Android OS.

Similarly, this is a handcrafted smartphone covered with luxurious leather and a beautiful silver frame.

Most Expensive Phone In World Goldvish Eclipse
Goldvish Eclipse (Source: Luxurylaunches)

It features a typical 64GB of internal storage and an outstanding 250-hour battery life.

Moreover, there are limited options available in terms of styling for the Eclipse.

This smartphone, for example, comes with a beautiful 18-karat gold frame featuring customized inscriptions and paved diamond surfaces.

17. Vertu Aster P Gold

The smartphone series from Vertu Aster P was introduced in 2018.

Vertu Aster P Gold is a premium version with numerous precious metals and jewels.

Therefore, it is ranked 17th on our world’s 20 most expensive phone list in 2021.


Most Expensive Phone In World Vertu Aster P Gold
Vertu Aster P Gold (Source: Vertu Mobile)

Furthermore, the phone also features a titanium structure of grade 5.

A sapphire glass of 133 carat covers its display.

Hence, Vertu Aster P Gold has a price of around $14,146.

16. Sirin Solarin

Sirin Labs, an Israeli company, has released the Sirin Solarin, one of the world’s most costly Android smartphones.

This smartphone offers encryption technologies of military quality to prevent conversations and texts from being intercepted.

Solarin, according to the manufacturer, is the”world’s most secure” Android smartphone, and it will cost you about $16,000.

Likewise, four-color choices are available for the smartphone.

Carbon Leather in a Fire Black Finish with Diamond-like carbon, Carbon Leather in Fire Black with Yellow Gold and Crystals, Diamond-like Carbon in White Carbon Leather and fire Black Carbon Leather with Titanium.

15. Savelli Champagne Gold

William Hogarth, an 18th – century English artist, was the inspiration for it, and as a result, the phone is feminine in appearance.

The target market of Savelli Champagne Gold is women. Thus, it has been named ” Smartphone of the Queen.”

The Savelli Champagne Gold features an 18 carat rose gold coat. It is also adorned with 395 white and cognac diamonds.

14. Vertu Signature Diamond

Vertue Signature Diamond is the latest addition to the company’s ‘Diamond’ Signature collection.

It is one of the costliest phones globally and ranks 14th on our list.

Most Expensive Phone In World Vertu Signature Diamond- $88 Thousand
Most Expensive Phone Vertu Signature Diamond (Source: The Clone World)

The gadget is made of high-quality materials such as black PVD stainless steel.

Thus, it offers users long-term durability and dependability.

Furthermore, Platinum is used to construct this phone, and the finest suppression is achieved by hands rather than through machinery.

As a result, the phone’s attractiveness stems from the 200 beautiful diamond bits, and its costs total of  $88,000.

13. iPhone Princess Plus

Peter Alisson created the iPhone Princess Plus from Austria. It is one of the most expensive phones in the world, with a price of $176 thousand.

Over 138 princess-cut diamonds and 180 brilliant-cut diamonds make up the phone.

Similarly, the rims are gilded in 18k rose gold.

As a result, despite the metals utilized, this phone is light and portable.

12. VIPN Black Diamond

There were only 5 VPN black diamonds produced, and no one knows who holds them.

With a price tag of $300,000, it ranks 12th on our list of the world’s most expensive phones in 2021.

Most Expensive Phone VIPN Black Diamond- $300 Thousand
Most Expensive Phone VIPN Black Diamond (Source: AutoNcell)

Furthermore, this phone has organic LED  technology, mirror details, and a polycarbonate mirror.

Besides, it is also embellished with two diamonds. The bigger one is located in the rear, while the smaller one is situated in the front pad.

Though it is comparatively older and has no high-tech functionality, it is perhaps the most expensive cellphone to date, with a cost of $300,000

11. Vertu Signature Cobra

This phone was produced by a collaborative effort between Vertu, a luxury phone company, and Bucheron, a high-end company in jewelry.

Thus, this phone was first released in 2017.

The design of this phone is its most prominent feature. As the name indicates, the phone has a cobra pattern around and front, with two emerald stones in the eyes.

Most Expenisve phone Vertu Signature Cobra
Most Expensive phone Vertu Signature Cobra (Source: Gizmochina)

Similarly, 439 rubies were used to make this phone.

Besides, only eight copies of this limited edition feature phone are available.

Therefore, Vertu Signature Cobra costs $310,000.

10. Goldvish Revolution

Everyone adored the premium Swiss company’s Million edition of Goldvish.

Following that, it released the GoldVish Revolution at Basel 2009, which was its most recent release.

The Goldvish Revolution is one of the most costly phones on the market today, ranking 10th on our list of the world’s most expensive phones in 2021.

Goldvish Revolution
Most Expensive Phone Goldvish Revolution (Source: WordPress.com)

This phone integrates luxury cell phones with a mechanical watch built by Frederic Jouvenot, a renowned Swiss watchmaker.

Furthermore, this phone is also encrusted with a total of 29 carats of VVS-1 diamonds.

Likewise, 18 carats of pink and white gold are used throughout and costs well over $448k.

9. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This phone was first introduced in Switzerland in 2005. It now ranks ninth on our list of the world’s most expensive phones in 2021.

The rear panel of this phone is constructed of more than 200-year-old African backwoods. Its keys, too, are composed of sapphire crystal worth more than $32k.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
Most expensive phone Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot (Source:Shortpedia)

Likewise,  the phone’s front is covered with over 45.5-carat diamonds. It is further composed of pure gold and weighs 180 grams.

Therefore, It comes with a massive price tag of $1 Million.

8. Goldvish Le Million- $1 Million

In 2006, the Guinness Book of World Records declared Goldvish Le Million to be “The World’s most exclusive and expensive cellular phone ever sold.”

In fact, this phone was sold for $1 Million with a limited edition of three pieces guaranteed.

This phone is available in various shades, including white, silver, gold, yellow, rose gold, and others. Furthermore, it has a distinctive appearance.

Similarly, it is constructed with approximately 120K diamonds and 18K white gold.

In addition, the back is made of high-end exotic leather.

7. Diamond Crypto Smartphone- $ 1.3 Million

This smartphone was designed by Peter Allison, a high-end accessories designer.

This phone is made of pure platinum and has a rose gold logo.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone- $ 1.3 Million
Diamond Crypto Smartphone- $ 1.3 Million (Source: Blog of Wishes)

The phone resembles a beefier version of Nokia’s iconic E51 phone. However, it has 50 diamonds scattered along the borders, with blue diamonds at the top of each edge.

The phone is additionally encrusted with over 28k round-cut diamonds and is completely coated in platinum.

Moreover, the navigation keys are made of 18k rose gold.

As a result, the price of this smartphone is over $ 1.3 Million.

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6. iPhone 3G Kings Button

This masterpiece was created by Peter Allison and is considered one of the most expensive phones in the world.

The iPhone 3G King’s Button takes the place of the normal iPhone home bottom, which is made of plastic with a 6.6-carat diamond.

Likewise, it features an 18-carat gold mix of white, yellow, and rose gold.

Besides, the phone has a white gold line on it studded with a total of 138 high-quality brilliant-cut diamonds.

And, this high-end smartphone costs almost $1.3 million.

5. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme comes in the fifth position on our list of  20 Most Expensive Phones In The World in 2021, with the price of $3.2 Million.

This cell phone has a Midas touch to it and was constructed in Liverpool for an Australian businessman.

So, this phone has 136 diamonds and is made of 22k gold. It took them ten months to create this incredible mobile phone.

Besides, it was also delivered in a 7-kilogram granite box with nubuck leather inside.

Likewise, the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme’s navigation button features a rare 7.1-carat diamond.

4. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

Stuart Hughes has reinvented another gleaming Apple gadget following the iPhone 4s Elite Gold.

It costs a whopping GBP 5 million, or a bit more than $8 million.

Instead of the pink iPhone 4, customers may buy this luxury iPhone 4 with a rare 8 ct.

Single cut perfect diamond the bezel of this luxury iPhone 4 is made of rose with almost 100 carats of 500 individual perfect diamonds.

And, this iPhone’s rear portion is composed of rose gold. It also has 53 diamonds inlaid in a unique rose gold Apple logo.

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3. Stuart Hughes iPhone 4s Elite Gold

This is another expensive phone created by Stuart Hughes and ranks third on our World’s Most Expensive Phones list in 2021.

The bezel is crafted of rose and contains almost 100 carats of immaculate diamonds.

Besides, gold is used for primary navigation, and this houses a single-cut diamond weighing 8.6 carats.

The back portion is made of 24-carat gold with the addition of the Apple logo in 24k gold and 53 diamonds.

Therefore, the price of this phone is $9.4 Million.

2. Black Diamond iPhone 5

Stuart Hughes developed and manufactured the Black Diamond iPhone 5.

He is an acclaimed designer of some of the world’s most valuable and opulent Objects.

Most Expensive Phone Black Diamond iPhone 5
Most Expensive Phone Black Diamond iPhone 5
(Source: GSMArena.com)

With a price of $15.3 million, Black Diamond is ranked second on our list of the most expensive phones in the world in 2021.

The Black Diamond iPhone is actually an iPhone 5 coated with gold, jewels, and a highly valuable black diamond.

Furthermore, 135 grams of 24 carats of pure gold were used to make this phone.

Similarly, the chassis was set with 600 white diamonds, with 43 of these jewels adorning the Apple emblem on the back.

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

On the first position in the list, we have Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond with the price of $48.5 Million.

This phone is nothing more than a clone of the iPhone 6 but with platinum plating and a massive pink diamond on the back.

The use of high-end, high-priced phones is becoming increasingly popular.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond
Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond(Souce: MyGuideOut)

No other phone, however, can compare to this one.

The Supernova is available in two different prices range that is cheaper than the original one. If you replace the pink diamond with orange, it will cost you about $42.5 million.

Similarly, substituting a blue diamond for a pink one will cost you $32.5 million.



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