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15 Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles Of All Time

“Camera, lights, and action!” are not only the three things necessary for an actor’s career. Many fans dream about rocking a hairstyle that they see in their favorite celeb at the Oscars.

Arguably, the Academy Awards, commonly known as the Oscars ceremony, is the most prominent and prestigious awards show.

As the ceremony broadcasts live in more than two hundred countries, it makes sense big, and small named celebrities lay out the better half of the day primping Oscar-worthy hairstyles. And yes, there is an entire section of the audience judging their chignons.

A Glimpse of Earlier Oscar Ceremony (Source: Dailymail)

As the Oscars 2022 approach near, fans expect their favorite celebrity to have the best look. For the evaluation, it is always logical to look back on the past Academy Awards ceremonies.

In the meantime, we rounded up the top fifteen most iconic Oscar hairstyles of all time. So lie back, stay loose, and peruse the show-stopping Oscar hair from gorgeous flowing waves to complex braids and glaring headbands.

Quick Overview

Name of Artist Type of Hairstyle Year (Oscar event)
15. Charlize Theron Sleek bob 2019
14. Amandla Stenberg Finger wave sculptured braids 2019
13. Audrey Hepburn Perfect pixie 1954
12. Jessica Chastain Loose Curls 2013
11. Shailene Woodley Sleek Chignon 2012
10. Salma Hayek Jeweled headband 2017
9. Winona Ryder
Ladylike finger wave 1996
8. Emma Watson Braids Clip 2014
7. Beyoncé Voluminous curls Pony 2009
6. Emma Stone Asymmetrical bob 2015
5. Gwyneth Paltrow Sleek Ponytail 2012
4. Jennifer Lawrence Bouncy beachy waves 2018
3. Zendaya Locs 2015
2. Natalie Portman Classic bun 2005
1. Angelina Jolie Cascading Curls 2009

15. Charlize Theron | Sleek Bob

Year: 2019, Event: Oscars

One of the true hair chameleon celebs in the Hollywood industry has to be the South African beauty queen Charlize Theron.

She can pull off basically any color or style which suits her or her pleasing personality.

Charlize Theron Pulls Off An Amazing Sleek Bob Hairstyle (Image Source: Pinterest)

Besides, the mesmerizing actress looked gorgeous in her sleek bob hairstyle at the 2019 Oscar event.

Theron’s Oscar hair was loved and appreciated for the simplicity of the brunette bob. Surely, she inspired a lot of similar haircuts across the country.

Hence she landed on our top fifteen list of best Oscar hair.

14. Amandla Stenberg | Braids

Year: 2019, Event: Oscars

Another unique Oscar hairstyle that keeps on our list is Amandla Stenberg’s finger wave sculptured braids.

Further, the beautiful actress pulled off this look at the 2019 Oscars ceremony.

Amandla Stenberg Looked Amazing in Sculptured Finger Wave Braids at the Oscars in 2019 (Source: Pinterest)

Stenberg’s gorgeous and intricate finger waved sculptured braids were truly a work of art.

The look is definitely harder to achieve and difficult to pull off. The time and effort put in by Stenberg and her MUAs need much appreciation.

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13. Audrey Hepburn | Perfect Pixie

Year: 1954, Event: Oscars

If there is someone who brought a revolutionary hairstyle look in the early 50s, then that credit clearly goes to the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn.

Hepburn’s unique masterpiece pixie look in the 50s era changed the entire persona of the long hair concept for women.

Audrey Hepburn’s Revolutionary Pixie Look at the 1954 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

Her choppy style impression was just as modern on the iconic actress in 1954 as it does to this day.

The bold actress Hepburn pulled off her iconic pixie look at the 1954 Oscar ceremony.

12. Jessica Chastain | Loose Curls

Year: 2013, Event: Oscars

Jessica Chastain proved the famous line that reads, ‘sometimes less is more.’

On top of that, she pulled off a loose, romantic curls hairstyle at the Academy Awards ceremony in 2013.

Jessica Chastain (front) Looked Gorgeous in her Loose Romantic Curls Hairstyle at the 2013 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

Chastain’s simple, loose, and romantic curls added a fairy-tale-like element to her impression.

Likewise, her gorgeous hair color enhanced her beauty even further.

11. Shailene Woodley | Sleek Chignon

Year: 2012, Event: Oscars

Shailene Woodley is the perfect example of sweet look beauty. The Descendants star looked pretty and polished with her amazing Oscar hair.

Woodley’s sleek hair swept back into a chignon was simple, tidy, and manageable.

Shailene Woodley’s Amazing Sleek Chignon Look at the 2012 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

She pulled this look at the 2012 Oscar ceremony.

The Fault in our Stars actress’ hairstyle complemented her high neckline and the long-sleeve Valentino dress.

10. Salma Hayek | Jeweled Headband

Year: 2017, Event: Oscars

The Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek lands high on our list.

Beautiful Hayek kept the jeweled headband that complemented her pushed-back hairstyle at the 2017 Oscar event.

Salma Hayek Kept a Jeweled Headband Hairstyle at Oscars 2017 (Source: Pinterest)

The headband jewelry looked very pretty on Salma Hayek.

Likewise, her Oscar hair look added the right amount of sparkle and polish, otherwise a low-key vibe.

9. Winona Ryder | Ladylike Finger Wave Pixie

Year: 1996, Event: Oscars

Legendary actress Winona Ryder was known for her edgier looks in the mid-90s.

However, beautiful Ryder stepped outside her comfort zone at the 1996 Oscar ceremony.

Winona Ryder Kept a Ladylike Finger Wave Hairstyle at the 1996 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

She went for a cool ladylike finger wave style in the event.

Over and above that, Winona Ryder’s wavy pixie Oscar hair had fans itching to cut their hair similarly to try it out themselves.

8. Emma Watson | Clip Braids

Year: 2014, Event: Oscars

One of the most simple and mesmerizing actresses of the Hollywood industry has to be Emma Watson.

Watson looked absolutely gorgeous with her clip braids hairstyle at the 2014 Oscar event.

Emma Watson Rocked at the 2014 Oscars With her Fun Clip Braids Hairstyle (Source: Pinterest)

Her perfect balance of edgy and romantic Oscar hair made fans try out similar looks.

Likewise, the cute star-shaped hair clips gave the on-trend touch look.

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7. Beyoncé | Voluminous Curled Pony

Year: 2009, Event: Oscars

Fans around the globe are sure that their idol Beyoncé could never wrong their eyes.

And yes, they are not false with their claim. Beyoncé killed it in a perfect pony hairstyle at the 2009 Oscar ceremony.

Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles- Beyoncé-oscars-hairstyle
Beyoncé in Her Perfect Pony Looks at the 2009 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

Viewing from a few angles, her pony looked to be a messy braid too. However, Beyoncé’s Oscar hair was actually just voluminous curls.

6. Emma Stone | Asymmetrical Bob

Year: 2015, Event: Oscars

American beauty Emma Stone definitely lands on higher ranking on our iconic Oscar hairstyle list of all time.

Stone appeared in the 1930s inspired sideswiped wavy bob hairstyle at the 2015 Oscar event.

Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles- Emma-Stone-oscars-hairstyle
Emma Stone Goes Back to 1930s Inspired Bob Look at the 2015 Oscars  (Source: Pinterest)

Her hairstylist Mara Roszak created this cool waves and sideswiped bangs look.

Moreover, the asymmetrical length of her right and left parts gave her hair a bit of edge.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow | Sleek Straight Ponytail

Year: 2012, Event: Oscars

MCU’s Pepper, aka Gwyneth Paltrow, is known for her unique hairstyle tryouts.

Also, she had her fans fooled with a super chic hairstyle at the 2012 Oscar ceremony.

Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles- Gwyneth-Paltrow-oscars-hairstyle
Gwyneth Paltrow Looked Stunning in a Sleek Ponytail at the 2012 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

Seeing from the foremost perspective, Paltrow’s hair looked almost like a straight faux bob and an extended side part.

However, her Oscar’s hair was really a glossy low-slung ponytail.

4. Jennifer Lawrence | Bouncy Beachy Waves

Year: 2018, Event: Oscars

Yet another American beauty lands on our iconic Oscar hairstyle list. Jennifer Lawrence is known for her attractive charisma and beautiful smile.

But Lawrence’s fans love her more for her emblematic hairstyles.

Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles- Jennifer-Lawrence-oscars-hairstyle
Jennifer Lawrence Looked Amazing in a Bouncy Beachy Waves Hairstyle at the Oscars in 2018 (Source: Pinterest)

The Hunger Games actress kept a bouncy beachy waves hairstyle at the 2018 Oscar event.

Hence, she is famous for having beach goddess hair to this day.

3. Zendaya | Locks

Year: 2015, Event: Oscars

Undoubtedly, supermodel and actress Zendaya is famous among fans for playing Spider Man’s love interest MJ in the MCU.

More so, the young and talented celeb is known for her bold and iconic fashion sense.

Zendaya’s lock hairstyle at the 2015 Oscar ceremony paved the way for women of color to push back against what red-carpet hair looked like.

Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles- Zendaya-oscar-hairstyle
Zendaya’s Locks Hairstyle at Oscars 2015 (Source: Pinterest)

Generally, red-carpet hair is considered long, shiny, and straight hair that doesn’t matter on one’s natural texture.

Moreover, Zendaya’s Oscar hair was not only unique and stunning, but her response to offensive stereotypes switched the coming years of red-carpet commentary for the better.

2. Natalie Portman | Classic Ballerina Bun

Year: 2005, Event: Oscars

Gorgeous Israeli beauty Natalie Portman is known for her simple yet delightful looks.

Portman appeared in a mesmerizing classic ballerina bun and headband at the 2005 Oscar ceremony.

Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles- Natalie-Portman-oscars-hairstyle
Natalie Portman Looked Absolutely Stunning in a Classic Ballerina Bun Hairstyle With a Headband (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, the look perhaps foreshadowed her iconic Black Swan role presented at the Oscar.

1. Angelina Jolie | Cascading Curls

Year: 2009, Event: Oscars

American beauty Angelina Jolie is no stranger to the red carpet. In fact, her fashion sense, including the hairstyle, changes the way of dressing people worldwide.

The legendary and rich actress definitely lands on the top spot on our iconic Oscar hairstyle list.

Most Iconic Oscar Hairstyles- Angelina-Jolie-oscars-hairstyle
Angelina Jolie’s Curly Cascaded Half-Updo Hairstyle at the 2009 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

Similarly, Jolie went for a half-updo curly hairstyle at the 2009 Oscar event.

Likewise, Jolie’s Oscar hair look made her fancy Lorraine Schwartz emerald drop earrings show out even more.

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