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Nicole Malliotakis Parents: Meet Father George And Mother Veralia

Since being named the New York State Assembly’s “Woman of the Year” in 2012, people have consistently shown interest in the personal life of Nicole Malliotakis, including details about her parents.

Nicole Malliotakis earned recognition as a politician in New York City, representing a part of the city as a Republican in Congress since 2021.

She’s unique because she’s the only Republican from New York City in Congress and one of only four female Republican officials in the city.

Meanwhile, before she got into politics, she worked as a specialist for Consolidated Edison.

She even won a big election to represent the 60th District in the New York State Assembly in 2010, making her the first Hispanic American elected in Staten Island.

Furthermore, she achieved the distinction of being one of the first Greek-American women elected in New York.

People know Nicole for her conservative Republican views on things like abortion, gun control, tax cuts, and deregulation.

However, lately, people have asked about her upbringing and who influenced and supported her.

Many want to know about the parents of Nicole Malliotakis, desiring to learn about who they are and where they’re from.

Nicole Malliotakis Parents: Where They Are From?

Nicole Malliotakis, a well-known member of the Republican Party, has achieved a lot in her career.

Many people are curious about her, especially the parents of Nicole Malliotakis.

It turns out she’s the daughter of immigrants who own small businesses.

Likewise, she was born on November 11, 1980, in New York City and grew up in Great Kills, Staten Island.

Moreover, her dad, George Malliotakis, is from Greece, and her mom, Veralia Malliotakis, is from Cuba.

Nicole Malliotakis looking at her parents who are smiling
Nicole credits her parents for instilling a strong work ethic. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, George, her dad, came to the U.S. in 1969 and worked as a mechanic.

Meanwhile, Veralia, her mom, left Cuba in 1959 because of Fidel Castro and worked as a teacher in New York City for a long time.

Similarly, on social media, Nicole frequently discusses how she was raised in her dad’s Greek Orthodox faith.

Moreover, Nicole Malliotakis wants everyone to know that her success comes from her parents’ dedication.

Meanwhile, her parents came to the country with almost nothing and had to work many jobs to support the family. 

Nevertheless, Nicole Malliotakis shares much about her family on social media like Facebook. She says her parents are her inspiration.

Nicole and her father sitting together and smiling
Nicole wished her father a Happy Birthday on his 81st birthday. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, she often talks about how her parents’ stories always remind her to support policies that give everyone the freedom, opportunities, and economic prosperity the United States offers.

Likewise, her parents’ hard work in tough times shaped Nicole Malliotakis and helped her succeed. It’s a story of love, dedication, and achievement.

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Nicole Malliotakis Family And Education Detail

Nicole Malliotakis graduated from Wagner College with a degree in political science and later earned a juris doctor from CUNY School of Law.

After completing her education, Nicole entered the legal field.

She worked as a legal counsel for the New York State Senate and served as an attorney for the New York City Department of Education.

In 2017, Nicole Malliotakis married Eagle Eagles, a businessman. They first met in 2015 at a fundraiser for the Staten Island Republican Party.

Nicole speaking in mic in the center of crowd
Nicole joined to fight the city’s newly proposed migrant shelter (Source: Twitter)

However, despite not having kids, Nicole values her family.

She credits her parents for instilling a strong work ethic and a sense of community.

In summary, Nicole Malliotakis, who has been happily married to Eagle Eagles since 2017, is a successful politician and a devoted wife who advocates for conservative values.

Before her current roles, Nicole also worked closely with State Senator John Marchi and Governor George Pataki.

She went from working in the New York State Assembly to becoming a U.S. House of Representatives member.

This demonstrates her dedication to assisting the public and prioritizing her family while achieving financial success.

Likewise, this made people curious about her parents and led to many questions about them.

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