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Memphis Mayor Paul Young Wikipedia: Career, Election Race 2023

After his claim to victory in the mayoral elections, Memphis Mayor Paul Young has been the talk of the town, with people wanting to know more through his Wikipedia.

Paul Young is a lifelong Memphian and a Democrat who is deeply committed to improving the lives of others.

He grew up as one of the four children of Bishop William and Pastor Dianne Young.

Further, Young shows considerable confidence and ambition to work in politics.

He is determined to change his hometown, Memphis’s reality, by building a better community for every resident.

With such a vision, Paul Young has gained many admirers apart from Memphis city, and they want to know more about the next Mayor from his Wikipedia.

Memphis Mayor: Paul Young Wikipedia & Career

Paul Young has made headlines after one of the pivotal Memphis elections in decades.

Memphis Mayor Paul Young does not have a Wikipedia page, making gaining detailed information challenging.

Nonetheless, reports claim Young is 43 years old and married to Dr. Jamila Smith-Young.

Despite the lack of Wikipedia, details and daily life of Memphis Mayor Paul Young are available on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Through his social media, he has gained a large following and support for his mayoral journey.

Paul Young with his wife and two children
Paul Young is proud to raise his kids in his beautiful hometown, Memphis. (Source: Facebook)

Further, Young’s profile on the Memphis mayor’s website provides insight into the visionary leader.

From a young age, he noticed a great lack of resources and safety in his neighborhood.

This encouraged Young to pursue a career focused on building a community he could be proud of.

Moreover, he was CEO of the Downtown Memphis Commission and Housing & Community Development before his mayoral campaign.

Young also credits his parents for developing his passion for service since childhood.

Further, his parent’s courage and willingness to face the city’s challenges shaped Young toward servant leadership.

Over the years of service in the city, Young has shown his respect to Memphis as,

This is about the future of our city, the city we love, the city people forget about, the one they wanted to write off

With such an inspiring leader, the city’s residents hope for a brighter and safer future with opportunities.

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Paul Young: Mayor Race & Recent Win In 2023

After 12-hour voting in Memphis, Tennessee, Paul Young was declared the next Mayor of the city.

Young ran the elections with 17 other candidates in the first mayoral election since 1971.

Further, Mayor Jim Strickland, who has held the Mayor’s office since 2016, is leaving after serving the maximum two terms.

Paul Young wearing a black tshirt
Young swears to build a better community and a safe space for all (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, his campaign has massive support from political moderators, raising more money than any other contenders.

Before counting the votes, observers considered Young one of the four frontrunners.

Young amassed 27.69% of the votes, nearly 4,500 more votes than his closest competitor, to win the election.

At his watch party, the crowd grew excited as voting totals were projected on a large screen, showing Young’s lead.

Memphis Mayor Paul and his family with his supporters
Paul credits his family and supporters for the mayoral campaign’s success. (Source: Twitter)

Further, his family and supporters spoke of his election as fulfilling God’s plan.

The new Mayor of Memphis will take the oath of office on January 1, 2024.

Other candidates have also shown their respect towards Young with well wishes from their media accounts.

As a native of the city, Young is proud to raise his two kids in Memphis and swears to work with honesty.

Young is sure to elevate Memphis to the next level with all the support and vision he has.

Now, Young wants to see the city he loves go through a transformation that leads to hopefulness.

By investing in the potential of the residents and the city, Memphis can also be a top destination for business and tourism.

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