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Rabbi Shmuley Daughter: Chana, Rochel, Cheftziba, Shterny Glick

A pro-Israel rabbi based in the United States, ‘Shmuley Boteach’ is an orthodox figure in the Jewish world. His recent statements about Hamas and Palestine have landed Rabbi Shmuley and his daughter in yet another controversy. Amid such conflict, his family strongly supports the Israeli narrative of the war.

Rabbi Shmuley, or Shmuley Boteach, is an American Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, TV host, and author of numerous books.

His most famous books include Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy, a book about creating and perpetuating passion and intimacy in a relationship.

Furthermore, he has been making frequent TV appearances as a host of Shalom in Home.

Rabbi Shmuley is a controversial figure, both loved and hated equally.

America’s major publishers have titled him the ‘Most Influential or Famous Rabbi in America.’

Interestingly, his views and theories are strongly backed by his family.

Chana Boteach, Rochel Leah, Yosef, and Mendy, the daughter and son of Rabbi Shmuley, are some of his biggest supporters.

Who Are Rabbi Shmuley’s Kids? Children And Family

Shmuley Boteach and his Australian wife, Debbie, have nine children.

Six out of nine were born in England but lived in Englewood, New Jersey, for most of their lives.

Shmuley Boteach has six daughters and three sons, including Chana Boteach, Rochel Leah, Cheftziba, Shterny Glick, Mendy Boteach, and Yosef Boteach.

Rabbi Shmuley with Cheftziba.
Shmuley received his first rabbinic designation at the age of 22. (Source: X)

Many of Shmuley’s children live in Israel, where his sons work in the Israeli Defence Forces.

Yosef, one of Shmuley Boteach’s sons, even married a fellow IDF soldier.

On the other hand, Mendy served in the Israeli Defence Forces in 2015-16 and is currently the Director of the Jewish Defence Network.

He is responsible for curating content, infographics, videos, and investigative coverage promoting Israeli causes and showcasing the difficulties Jews face in the media industry.

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Daughter Of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Philosophy And Life

The youngest daughter of Shmuley Boteach is Cheftziba, who celebrates her birthday on 20th June.

Cheftziba is still a child and has been away from the limelight for now.

On the other hand, Chana Boteach celebrates her birthday on September 14th.

Rabbi Shmuley with his daughter Chana.
Chana operates a sex shop in Tel Aviv catering to a diverse clientele, embracing the city’s openness to her business. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she is an active supporter of her father and has started a Kosher sex store inspired by her father’s best-selling book.

Eventually, Her business aims to give intimacy a spiritual revolution. Chana is also a loyal supporter of her father’s orthodox views.

Chana has also organized events to promote Kosher sex in Israel, and her father, Rabbi Shmuley, has been her most loyal supporter.

Rabbi Shmuley promotes her daughter’s business through his social media handles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Another daughter of Shmuley is Rochel Leah, who is a Jewish activist and a Jewish feminist.

Rochel became a ‘Khala’ or bride in 2020; she married Rabbi Itamar Taktuk.

Rabbi Shmuley daughter Shterny in her marriage.
Shmuley Boteach attended a Chabad camp and fell in love with Judaism. (Source: Facebook)

Recently, Rabbi Shmuley spoke on Piers Morgan’s show, where he debated Mohammed Hijab.

The debate is considered highly controversial due to the debaters’ opposite points of view.

After the debate, Rochel is part of roasting and meme culture where Mohammed Hijab is trolled by her Jewish supporters.

Another of Rabbi Shmuley’s daughters is Shterny Glick, who married Yossi Glick in 2017 in Olamaya, Jerusalem.

Previously, Glick came to people’s attention when her consultancy registered a lawsuit against Mehmet Oz, who allegedly harassed her over the Jewish donor list.

Rabbi Shmuley has a big family, and his daughters are his strongest supporters.

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